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Auxilary Aids & Services

For information about the availability of auxiliary aids and services, please visit:

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Jurisdiction 11 Part B
Modifier Lookup

The Palmetto GBA Modifier Lookup Tool provides guidelines for documenting and correctly submitting CPT and HCPCS modifiers on your J11 Part B claims.

  • Modifiers are displayed in alpha-numeric order
  • You can scroll through the pages by using the next page links to locate the modifier you want
  • Use the Palmetto GBA website search engine to search for 'Modifier __' (fill in the blank with the modifier you want)

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HCPCS Modifier KX09/12/2014
CPT Modifier 6204/28/2014
Modifier Lookup: Your Resource for Correct Claim Submission04/24/2014
CPT Modifier 1P04/23/2014
CPT Modifier 2204/23/2014
CPT Modifier 2304/23/2014
CPT Modifier 2404/23/2014
CPT Modifier 2504/23/2014
CPT Modifier 2604/23/2014
CPT Modifier 2P04/23/2014
CPT Modifier 3204/23/2014
CPT Modifier 3P04/23/2014
CPT Modifier 4704/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5004/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5104/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5204/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5304/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5404/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5504/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5604/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5704/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5804/23/2014
CPT Modifier 5904/23/2014
CPT Modifier 6304/23/2014
CPT Modifier 6604/23/2014
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