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Jurisdiction 11 Part B
Workshop Handouts

You will soon be able to download and print handouts from current workshops from this page.

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Medicare Part B Hospice Coverage and Billing Questions and Answers07/01/2014
Pinehurst Mid-Carolina Physician Organization Handout06/27/2014
Intent to Refer Letter Job Aid06/19/2014
Life of an Overpayment Job Aid06/19/2014
Overpayments and the Demand Letter Process Job Aid06/19/2014
2013 Fall Tour Workshop Handouts11/15/2013
Immediate Offset Requests Job Aid10/10/2013
T.E.A.M.: Tackling Evaluation and Management with Palmetto GBA Handout06/07/2013
Chiropractic Services Webinar Handout01/11/2013


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