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Auxilary Aids & Services

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Jurisdiction 11 Home Health and Hospice
Job Aids

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What is the Status of My Appeal?08/26/2015
Redetermination Dismissals Job Aid08/20/2015
Appeals, Adjustments and the D9 Claim Change Reason (Condition) Code and Cancelling a Claim08/14/2015
Medicare Provider Voluntary Refunds Job Aid: Home Health and Hospice07/13/2015
Hospice Notice of Election (NOE) Exception Examples06/29/2015
Hospice Billing When a Notice of Election (NOE) was Filed Untimely Job Aid04/22/2015
Tips to Facilitate the Change of Ownership (CHOW) Process04/15/2015
Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage and Expedited Determination Hospice Guidelines03/30/2015
Billing Disputes Resolution Requests03/03/2015
Provider Address Job Aid02/24/2015
Medicare Overpayment Recoupment or Collection Process01/27/2015
Need An Answer To A Medicare Question?01/26/2015
Home Health Transfers: Key Points01/10/2015
Billing Occurrence Code (OC) 27 and Occurrence Span Code (OSC) 77 and Late Recertifications11/03/2014
Notice of Termination/Revocation of Election (TOB 8XB) Job Aid10/02/2014
Canceling a Hospice Notice of Election (NOE) or Benefit Period09/15/2014
Timely Filing Job Aid08/29/2014
1099 Taxable Income Calculations01/21/2014
Incorrect Data Posted to the Common Working File (CWF)01/17/2014
Section 935 Overpayment Recoupment Process01/15/2014
Outpatient Therapy Functional Reporting Claim Requirements Job Aid12/09/2013
Outpatient Therapy Functional Reporting Documentation Requirements Job Aid12/09/2013
How to Prevent Denials Related to Physician Certification10/28/2013
Overpayments and the Demand Letter Process Job Aid10/10/2013
Patient Discharge Status10/01/2013
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