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Jurisdiction 11 Part B
Presentation and Transcript from the CERT A/B Contractor Task Force's First Teleconference Now Available

Heard the news? Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) recently introduced the CERT A/B Contractor Task Force during a national teleconference on August 20, 2013. The task force is a new collaboration of all Part A and Part B MACs to educate providers on national issues of concern regarding improper payment errors. The goal is to reduce the national payment error rate, as measured by the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) program. This new partnership affords providers the benefit of a collaborative, consistent voice to reduce costly claim denials as well as the CERT error rate.

Now is your opportunity to learn about the mission and future educational plans of the CERT A/B Contractor Task Force. Click on the following links to access materials from the teleconference on August 20:

The CERT A/B Contractor Task Force looks forward to collaborating for error-free Medicare claims and documentation with providers, associations and societies across the nation.


Cahaba Government Benefit Administrators, LLC/J10
CGS Administrators, LLC/J15
First Coast Service Options, Inc./J9
National Government Services, Inc./J6 and JK
Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC/JE and JF
Novitas Solutions, Inc./JH and JL
Palmetto GBA/J11
Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation/J5 and J8 


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