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Jurisdiction 11 Part A

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After I receive a 277CA will I receive anything else?10/13/2014
Are Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) subject to the outpatient therapy caps and thresholds in 2013?10/13/2014
Are there MSP examples available to view?10/13/2014
Can I appeal an outpatient therapy threshold prior authorization decision?10/13/2014
Can I submit ICD10 test files with my existing Submitter ID or do I have to obtain a new one?10/13/2014
How can I search local coverage determinations (LCD) for a specific CPT/HCPCS code?10/13/2014
I am a Medicare Periodic Interim Payment (PIP) provider that had claims affected by the incarcerated beneficiary take backs and I still have not received my refund for these claims. Can you tell me when I should expect to receive the refund?10/13/2014
Is there a certain type of claim that should to be submitted for ICD-10 testing?10/13/2014
My remittance advice (RA) contained code LE - Levy. What does this mean?10/13/2014
New Therapy Cap Process: Frequently Asked Questions10/13/2014
We assume there will be at minimum a different port number and possibly a different IP address to use during ICD-10 testing. Who will be providing this info to each provider/payor? Is that the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC's) responsibility?10/13/2014
What does forwarding balance mean on my remittance notice?10/13/2014
When registering for the ICD-10 testing, if there is no confirmation email received is there another way the registration can be confirmed?10/13/2014
When submitting claims during ICD-10 testing how will a test file be distinguished from a production file?10/13/2014
Who are the medical directors for J11?10/13/2014
Will ICD-10 testing be available for providers that use Palmetto GBA's online service rather than going through a clearinghouse?10/13/2014
Will the KX HCPCS modifier still be used on claims that have reached the $3700 outpatient therapy threshold along with the tracking number(s) for prior authorization of the services?10/13/2014
FAQs: Additional Medical Review Projects and CERT10/02/2014
If a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) bills a core visit, is the payment for the drug included in their core service reimbursement? If they don’t bill a core visit and the patient only comes in for an injection, do they submit the drug to Part A or Part B?10/02/2014
What is the maximum number of treatments that Medicare will pay for home hemodialysis training?10/02/2014
When is it appropriate to bill 14x type of bill (TOB) for lab charges for dates of service (DOS) January 1, 2014 and forward?10/02/2014
How should I submit Medicare claims for Radium Ra-223?09/18/2014
Are we able to bill the CPT codes on the 12x type of bill (TOB) that would have been billed had this claim originally been submitted as an outpatient claim but were not allowed to be included on the inpatient claim which has been denied upon review, under the new A/B rebilling process?09/17/2014
Can a provider bill a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or swing bed (SB) claim if the patient does not have a qualifying hospital stay?09/17/2014
Can an acute care prospective payment system hospital bill two inpatient claims if a patient is discharged and then readmitted to the same hospital on the same day, but for a different diagnosis?09/17/2014
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