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Jurisdiction 11 Part A

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If I am uncertain as to whether Medicare or the CERT contractor can read my doctor's signature may I voluntarily submit a signature log when asked to provide documentation?04/15/2014
Revalidation Initiative: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)04/11/2014
5010 FAQ: Is there a way to submit claims not using the dial-up system, e.g. FTP, Web-based file transfer, etc.?04/10/2014
Can a provider bill a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or swing bed (SB) claim if the patient does not have a qualifying hospital stay?03/31/2014
5010 FAQs on PC-ACE Pro32 software03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: After I receive a 277CA will I receive anything else?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Are there 5010 MSP examples available to view?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Can we use our submitter ID that is currently used to send production claims or do we need to use our vendor ID?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Do you have any recommendations on software specifically for outpatient physical therapy?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Do you know if the physical address requirement is just for Medicare or all insurance?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: For physical therapy claims where the service is performed in the patient's home (PS=12), does there need to be a 2310C loop with the patient's home address? If so, does is it need a 9-digit zip code?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: How do we distinguish test from production submissions?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: I heard that 5010 requires a physical address in box 33 and P.O. Boxes are no longer accepted. Is this true?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: If I am using a clearinghouse and they are not on the approved vendor list, what are my options? I have spoken to them and they state they are in testing. What else can I do to prepare?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: If we pass testing as a submitter, will we be able to submit claims for all our providers without them testing as well?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Is the 277CA returned for each test submission?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Is the taxonomy code required in the 2000 loop for 5010?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Must we send a 270 v5010 to receive the 271 v5010?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Once a software vendor is an approved submitter, will the providers who use that software have to also test? If not, what will the procedure be to move providers of an approved vendor into 5010 production?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: We are a provider and have our production Submitter ID. Our vendor states they don’t have a Vendor ID. Would they be responsible to get one with EDI?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: We called Palmetto GBA EDI and were advised that the vendor was responsible for the testing and that we as providers may test but only after the vendor completed their testing?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: What if we do not receive the 999 and 277CA consistency?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: What is an approved software vendor?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: What is the most current version (date) of the 837 implementation guides?03/19/2014
5010 FAQ: Where can I view Hospice specific edits?03/19/2014
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