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Auxilary Aids & Services

For information about the availability of auxiliary aids and services, please visit:

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Jurisdiction 11 Part A

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We are a psychiatric hospital that submitted an Information-Only claim for a Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan patient to receive reimbursement for Indirect Medical Education (IME) with Condition Codes (CC) 04 and 69 on the claim. The claim rejected with Reason Code 37574 - A no-pay code equal to 'N' must be present for inpatient claims containing CC 04 & 69 and the provider is a non-acute facility. Why was the IME payment not made?10/22/2014
After I receive a 277CA will I receive anything else?10/13/2014
Are Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) subject to the outpatient therapy caps and thresholds in 2013?10/13/2014
Are there MSP examples available to view?10/13/2014
Can I appeal an outpatient therapy threshold prior authorization decision?10/13/2014
Can I submit ICD10 test files with my existing Submitter ID or do I have to obtain a new one?10/13/2014
How can I search local coverage determinations (LCD) for a specific CPT/HCPCS code?10/13/2014
How Do I Find a Form?10/13/2014
How do I obtain my Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit from a Palmetto GBA training session I attended?10/13/2014
How do I sign up for Twitter?10/13/2014
I am a Medicare Periodic Interim Payment (PIP) provider that had claims affected by the incarcerated beneficiary take backs and I still have not received my refund for these claims. Can you tell me when I should expect to receive the refund?10/13/2014
I need information on receiving Twitter updates on my cell phone.10/13/2014
I received an adjusted claim stating 'Social Security records indicate that this patient was a prisoner when the service was rendered.' The patient is now deceased; how do I find which government entity is responsible for this claim?10/13/2014
I was late to the webcast and missed information presented at the beginning. Is there a way for me to watch the session in its entirety later?10/13/2014
I was late to the Webinar and missed information presented at the beginning. Is there a way for me to watch the session in its entirety later?10/13/2014
If I am uncertain as to whether Medicare or the CERT contractor can read my doctor's signature may I voluntarily submit a signature log when asked to provide documentation?10/13/2014
Is AmnioFix covered by Medicare?10/13/2014
Is it acceptable to highlight information in the medical records when responding to a Medical Review Additional Documentation Request (ADR)?10/13/2014
Is there a certain type of claim that should to be submitted for ICD-10 testing?10/13/2014
JW HCPCS Modifier: Frequently Asked Questions10/13/2014
My patient is no longer incarcerated, but the records have not been updated. Who do I need to contact to have the records updated?10/13/2014
My remittance advice (RA) contained code LE - Levy. What does this mean?10/13/2014
New Therapy Cap Process: Frequently Asked Questions10/13/2014
Previously, audio was available to attendees by either phone or PC. Are both features still available?10/13/2014
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