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Auxilary Aids & Services

For information about the availability of auxiliary aids and services, please visit:

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Jurisdiction 11 Part B

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Ambulance Claim Submission Tips02/27/2015
Physician Certification Statement for Ambulance Services: Reminder02/24/2015
Air Ambulance: Vehicle & Staffing01/27/2015
Ambulance HCPCS Codes01/27/2015
Land Ambulance: Covered Origins/Destinations01/27/2015
Land Ambulance: Physician Certification Statement (PCS) Requirements01/22/2015
Medical Review: Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs)11/18/2014
Ambulance Transports: Repetitive vs. Non-Repetitive, Scheduled vs. Unscheduled10/23/2014
Fractional Mileage: Important Reminder10/23/2014
Ambulance Inflation Factor for CY 2015 and Productivity AdjustmentOpen in New Window10/15/2014
Air Ambulance: Death of Beneficiary10/02/2014
Air Ambulance: Documentation Requirements & Reasons for Denials10/02/2014
Air Ambulance: Origins & Destinations10/02/2014
Air Ambulance: What Medicare Covers10/02/2014
Ambulance Fee Schedule Fact SheetOpen in New Window10/02/2014
Ambulance Services Provided Outside the United States10/02/2014
Ambulance Transports: Two Trips on the Same Date of Service10/02/2014
Ambulance Transport: Death of Beneficiary10/02/2014
Documentation Tips for Medics: Paint the Picture10/02/2014
Emergency Services10/02/2014
Land Ambulance: Mutual Aid Situations10/02/2014
Land Ambulance: Reasons for Denial10/02/2014
Land Ambulance: Vehicle & Staffing10/02/2014
Land Ambulance: What Medicare Covers10/02/2014
Multiple Patient Transports10/02/2014
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