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Auxilary Aids & Services

For information about the availability of auxiliary aids and services, please visit:

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Jurisdiction 11 Part B

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Medical Review: Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs)11/18/2014
Ambulance Inflation Factor for CY 2015 and Productivity AdjustmentOpen in New Window10/15/2014
Ambulance Transports: Two Trips on the Same Date of Service10/02/2014
Documentation Tips for Medics: Paint the Picture10/02/2014
Limitation of Liability Regarding Ambulance Services08/15/2014
Beneficiary Signature Requirements08/12/2014
Ambulance Modifiers07/02/2014
Ambulance Suppliers: Enrollment Requirements05/01/2014
Land Ambulance: Physician Certification Statement (PCS) Requirements04/28/2014
Ambulance Claim Submission Tips02/27/2014
Skilled Nursing Facility Consolidated Billing As It Relates to Ambulance Services11/18/2013
Ambulance Transports: Repetitive vs. Non-Repetitive, Scheduled vs. Unscheduled10/23/2013
Fractional Mileage: Important Reminder10/23/2013
Ambulance Fee Schedule Fact SheetOpen in New Window10/02/2013
Land Ambulance: No Transport and Non-Covered Transports10/02/2013
Origin/Destination Ambulance Modifiers10/02/2013
Physician Certification Statement for Ambulance Services: Reminder02/27/2013
Our County weights and measures employees were asking us about ambulance billing regarding how mileage is determined. With regard to Medicare, does it matter how mileage is determined for ambulance billing? Are they required to use the vehicle odometer or can they use MapQuest or some other Internet mapping service to determine mileage for billing?01/18/2013
Air Ambulance: Death of Beneficiary10/02/2012
Air Ambulance: Documentation Requirements & Reasons for Denials10/02/2012
Air Ambulance: Origins & Destinations10/02/2012
Air Ambulance: Vehicle & Staffing10/02/2012
Air Ambulance: What Medicare Covers10/02/2012
Ambulance HCPCS Codes10/02/2012
Ambulance Services Provided Outside the United States10/02/2012
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