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Auxilary Aids & Services

For information about the availability of auxiliary aids and services, please visit:

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National Supplier Clearinghouse

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NSC Newsflash November 201511/16/2015
2016 Open Enrollment Period11/13/2015
Background Fingerprints: Check Your Status Online11/04/2015
The Implementation of Fingerprint-based Background Checks11/04/2015
NSC Newsflash September 201509/08/2015
June 2015 NSC Newsflash06/05/2015
CR 9065 - Incorporation of Certain Provider Enrollment Policies in CMS-6045-F into Publication 100-08, Program Integrity Manual, Chapter 1505/27/2015
Internet-based PECOS "May"kes Enrolling Easier05/11/2015
'May'be You Should Consider Using Internet-based PECOS05/04/2015
NSC Newsflash --March 2015 Edition03/03/2015
Updated Information Regarding DMEPOS Enrollment Fees01/22/2015
Important Information for Suppliers Providing Services to Beneficiaries Located in the State of Colorado01/21/2015
November Newsflash11/24/2014
NSC Newsflash August 201408/01/2014
Additional States Requiring Licensure/Certification for Prosthetics and Certain Orthotics06/11/2014
Decreasing Development Delays Webinar Rescheduled06/10/2014
Decreasing Development Delays05/22/2014
Introducing the NSC Newsflash05/01/2014
Suppliers of Oxygen Equipment and/or Supplies04/17/2014
Definition of Operational04/09/2014
DMEPOS Enrollment Status Letter04/02/2014
Alabama Governor Signs Legislation Impacting Licensure Requirements03/19/2014
NSC News January 201402/04/2014
Implementation of the Revised CMS 588 EFT Agreement12/11/2013
Changes of Ownership Made Easy Webinar11/21/2013
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