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What beneficiary identification information do I need when I call Customer Service? 03/24/2017
What provider identification information do I need when I call Customer Service? 03/24/2017
I submitted an assigned claim. Why was the payment sent to the patient? 03/17/2017
After I receive a 277CA will I receive anything else? 03/16/2017
Are there MSP examples available to view? 03/16/2017
For physical therapy claims where the service is performed in the patient's home (PS=12), does there need to be a 2310C loop with the patient's home address? If so, does is it need a 9-digit zip code? 03/16/2017
How can I check on the status of my Railroad EDI Enrollment Form? 03/16/2017
How can I tell if I am set up for Electronic Billing? 03/16/2017
How do we distinguish test from production submissions? 03/16/2017
If we pass testing as a submitter, will we be able to submit claims for all our providers without them testing as well? 03/16/2017
Is the 277CA returned for each test submission? 03/16/2017
Once I enroll for electronic billing, do I automatically receive electronic remits? 03/16/2017
PC-ACE Pro32 software FAQs 03/16/2017
What if we do not receive the 999 and 277CA consistently? 03/16/2017
What information do I need to have available when calling for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) assistance? 03/16/2017
What is a Network Service Vendor? 03/16/2017
What is an approved software vendor? 03/16/2017
What is my Submitter ID? 03/16/2017
What is the most current version (date) of the 837 implementation guides? 03/16/2017
Where can I find information on the connectivity changes to the front end system? 03/16/2017
Where can I locate the payer ID for Railroad Medicare? 03/16/2017
Where in the 277 CA file can we find the rejection message that provides the detailed rejection reason description? 03/16/2017
Will one test file allow me to move to PROD? And does the file require 25 claims? 03/16/2017
Will you reject claims with a P.O. Box in the billing provider address? Will you reject claims where the group number and policy number are the same values? 03/16/2017
Appeals: What happens to an incomplete redetermination request? 03/08/2017
Are chiropractors required to submit therapy codes with both the GP and the GY HCPCS modifiers? 03/08/2017
Are we required to complete the ICD Indicator field in Item 21 of the CMS-1500 (02/12) claim form? 03/08/2017
Are we required to submit a claim to Palmetto GBA for maintenance therapy? 03/08/2017
Can a chiropractor use a manual device to assist with manipulation? 03/08/2017
Can a nurse practitioner perform the initial hospital visit? 03/08/2017
Can a provider submit a hospital inpatient or office/outpatient evaluation on the same calendar date as a critical service? 03/08/2017
Can a service with the GY HCPCS modifier be appealed? 03/08/2017
Can a single visit be counted as both the IPPE and an AWV? 03/08/2017
Can an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage) be issued for HCPCS code A0427-ALS 1/Emergency Transports? 03/08/2017
Can an evaluation and management (E/M) service be performed as a split/shared service? 03/08/2017
Can ancillary staff that provides a service 'incident to' a physician or non-physician practitioner sign the documentation? 03/08/2017
Can HCPCS modifier JW be billed for the discarded amount of a drug from a multi-use vial? 03/08/2017
Can I bill Railroad Medicare for administering a Part D vaccine? 03/08/2017
Can I bill you for sending requested documentation for a prepayment or postpayment review? 03/08/2017
Can I call the Reopening line to change the total number of post-operative days I billed? 03/08/2017
Can I call the Telephone Reopening Line to correct a rejected claim? 03/08/2017
Can I print or view remittances online? 03/08/2017
Can I submit a claim with both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes? 03/08/2017
Can I submit a subsequent hospital visit if my documentation does not support one of the three levels of an initial hospital visit? 03/08/2017
Can I submit a subsequent nursing facility CPT code if my documentation does not support one of the three levels of initial nursing facility services? 03/08/2017
Can I use an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage) for chiropractic services? 03/08/2017
Can I use the KX HCPCS modifier when filing claims to Railroad Medicare for charges that exceed the therapy cap? 03/08/2017
Can incident to occur in place of service (POS) 19 or 22 (outpatient hospital)? 03/08/2017
Can My Billing Agency or Clearinghouse Request My PTAN from Railroad Medicare? 03/08/2017
Can My Billing Agency or Clearinghouse Update My Provider Enrollment Record with Railroad Medicare? 03/08/2017
Can other medical services be performed at the same time as an AWV? If so, how are they coded? 03/08/2017
Can Railroad Medicare beneficiaries have coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan? 03/08/2017
Can the modifier that indicates 'increased procedural services' be submitted with an E/M service when a physician spends an extended amount of time with a patient? 03/08/2017
Can time alone be used to select an E/M code? 03/08/2017
Can time be used as a basis for E/M code selection in regards to add-on psychotherapy services? 03/08/2017
Can we bill a patient for a service that denied due to MUE? Should we issue an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) to the patient in this case? 03/08/2017
Can we combine two different problems/diagnoses to obtain the HPI or can we only use one problem? 03/08/2017
Can we utilize the 'status of three or more chronic/inactive conditions' as an extended History of Present Illness (HPI) for the 1995 guidelines? 03/08/2017
CMS ICD-10-CM/PCS Frequently Asked Questions Open in New Window03/08/2017
Contacts for PTANs and EDI: Questions and Answers 03/08/2017
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider's address has changed? I have already notified our local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). 03/08/2017
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider has left our group? 03/08/2017
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider has retired? 03/08/2017
Do I need to obtain preapproval or precertification before I provide a Part B service to a Railroad Medicare patient? 03/08/2017
Do subsequent chiropractic visits need new treatment plans? 03/08/2017
Do you have a coding question? 03/08/2017
Do you have my NPI Number? 03/08/2017
Do you have questions about portal verification films? 03/08/2017
Does a beneficiary need to sign an Advance Beneficiary of Noncoverage (ABN) for every visit? 03/08/2017
Does an order for a diagnostic test have to be delivered in writing? 03/08/2017
Does it matter what position modifiers are submitted on an anesthesia claim? 03/08/2017
Does it matter what position pricing modifiers are submitted on a claim? 03/08/2017
Does Medicare allow providers to bill a patient for a missed appointment? 03/08/2017
Does Medicare reimburse for ambulance transportation to and from a physician's office? 03/08/2017
Does Railroad Medicare cover shingles vaccines? 03/08/2017
Does Railroad Medicare cover TDAP shots? 03/08/2017
Does Railroad Medicare cover tetanus shots? 03/08/2017
Does Railroad Medicare have Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs)? 03/08/2017
Does time need to be documented in order to submit for a hospital or nursing facility discharge service? 03/08/2017
Generally speaking, when we say 'objective measures,' what does that mean? 03/08/2017
Generally speaking, when we say a 'treatment plan with specific goals', what does that mean? 03/08/2017
How can I check the status of my Appeal request submitted through eServices? 03/08/2017
How can I get a duplicate remittance notice? 03/08/2017
How can I tell if a remittance was paid by paper check or by electronic funds transfer (EFT)? 03/08/2017
How do I address Chiropractic treatment goals if I see the patient once and no further treatment is necessary? 03/08/2017
How do I bill chiropractic manipulative treatment correctly? 03/08/2017
How Do I Find a Form? 03/08/2017
How do I indicate the ICD-CM diagnosis type billed on my claim? 03/08/2017
How do I make the text larger to make it easier to read? 03/08/2017
How do I obtain my Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit from a Palmetto GBA training session I attended? 03/08/2017
How do I report a provider address change? 03/08/2017
How do I request immediate offset on an established overpayment due to Railroad Medicare? 03/08/2017
How do I submit an Appeal online? 03/08/2017
How do I update my provider information on an existing Railroad Medicare provider number? 03/08/2017
How do I upload attachments to an Appeal request? 03/08/2017
How do I verify the effective date of my electronic fund transfer (EFT)? 03/08/2017
How do you determine if an ambulance transport is considered emergent? 03/08/2017
How does a chiropractor submit a claim for an office visit and X-rays to Medicare for the denial of statutorily excluded services for the patient's secondary insurance company? 03/08/2017
How does Palmetto GBA decide when to request documentation, for what and from whom? 03/08/2017
How long will it take Railroad Medicare to issue a PTAN? 03/08/2017
How many units of services should I submit when I am billing a bilateral surgical procedure with CPT modifier 50? 03/08/2017
How often are CARCs and RARCs updated? 03/08/2017
How should I list the name of the ordering/referring provider when submitting my paper and electronic claims? 03/08/2017
How should time spent with the patient and/or family member doing psychotherapy be documented? 03/08/2017
How should we calculate the time for time-based psychotherapy services for the purposes of submitting claims? 03/08/2017
How would I know a Railroad patient is enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan when they presented their Railroad Medicare Card? 03/08/2017
I've received a demand letter regarding an overpayment for a post pay review, or some other adjustment, in which it was determined that I have been overpaid and a refund is due to Medicare, if I appeal, do I also need to refund the money? 03/08/2017
I am a hospitalist and all records for my services are part of the patient's hospital record. Why do Medicare contractors send me the request for medical records and not the hospital? 03/08/2017
I am submitting an appeal request through eServices. Can I attach an appointment of representative form with my supporting documentation? 03/08/2017
I billed for a chemotherapy drug with HCPCS code J9999 and it denied. Why? 03/08/2017
I billed multiple patients on one ambulance trip with HCPCS modifier GM, why are my claims still being denied? 03/08/2017
I have a Railroad Medicare PTAN but need to update my record. How do I update with Railroad Medicare? 03/08/2017
I have primary payment for a consultation service. My software does not allow me to change the procedure code to an E/M code that Medicare will accept. Since Medicare no longer accepts consultation codes, can I bill the patient the co-pay from the primary insurance and not submit a claim to Medicare? 03/08/2017
I have received a payment marked PQRS (Physicians Quality Reporting System) from Railroad Medicare, but my remittance shows a negative dollar amount. Is this a recoupment or withholding? 03/08/2017
I need to refund an overpayment to Railroad Medicare. What documentation should I include with my check? 03/08/2017
I noticed a 'multiple procedure' modifier on my remittance advice but I did not submit it. The service was allowed, but should I have included this modifier on my claim? 03/08/2017
I rarely file paper claims and do not want to buy new forms. What are my options? 03/08/2017
I received a letter from Medical Review requesting supporting documentation for a claim. What form should I use when returning the requested information? 03/08/2017
I received a letter saying I have to file claims electronically with Railroad Medicare and references 'ASCA'. What does 'ASCA' mean? 03/08/2017
I sent a written request to Railroad Medicare, and it was returned stating I didn't include enough information. What information does Railroad Medicare need to answer my written inquiries? 03/08/2017
I sent my claim to Railroad Medicare but the IVR and eServices indicate that it is not on file. Should I call and ask a representative to search for the claim? 03/08/2017
I was late to the webcast and missed information presented at the beginning. Is there a way for me to watch the session in its entirety later? 03/08/2017
If a forwarding address notification is submitted to the post office when a provider changes site location, will Medicare remittance advices and/or check payments be forwarded to the new address? 03/08/2017
If a paramedic (not an EMT) is requested for a transport (emergent or non-emergent), but no advanced life support (ALS) procedures are performed is it considered an ALS transport? 03/08/2017
If a patient had one system complaint that was documented for the review of systems (ROS) and then the provider documented: 'patient has no other complaints', is that enough to receive a complete ROS? 03/08/2017
If a patient is being transported to a wound care center located within a hospital or on hospital grounds, which destination modifier would be used when filing the claim? 03/08/2017
If a patient is transported by ambulance to hospice prior to the initial assessment and development of the plan of care, what destination modifier do I use? 03/08/2017
If a patient presents to the office for an injection or venipuncture, would it be acceptable to submit an office or other outpatient visit CPT code? 03/08/2017
If a provider administers Tylenol in the emergency room, is the level of risk considered 'low' under management option(s)? 03/08/2017
If a provider sees a new patient and performs a comprehensive history, does the comprehensive history warrant submitting a higher level service? 03/08/2017
If an ambulance is dispatched as a result of a 911 call, arrives at the scene, does an assessment of the patient and it is found there is no need for the transport, would the Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) be used in this case if we intend to bill the patient? 03/08/2017
If an established patient presents to the office for a visit with a non-physician practitioner (NPP), and during the encounter the patient has a new problem/condition, can this service be submitted 'incident to'? What if the NPP only orders tests, but does not establish a plan of care? 03/08/2017
If another provider admits a patient into Observation Care and I provide a consult, can I bill the observation care code? 03/08/2017
If I document 'no edema present' or 'Extremities: No edema noted,' would 'credit' be given for both upper and lower extremities? 03/08/2017
If I provide a statutorily excluded service am I required to have the patient sign an ABN? 03/08/2017
If Medicare determines that my records are not legible, will you treat this as if no documentation is available? 03/08/2017
If my claim is denied for failure to submit requested documentation within 45 days of an Additional Documentation Request (ADR), should I submit a new claim and attach the requested documentation with the new claim? 03/08/2017
If my patient is registered in the emergency department and I am asked to see him/her, may I submit the emergency service? 03/08/2017
If the patient's secondary insurance is requiring a denial from Medicare for services that are statutorily non-covered, how does a chiropractor submit a claim for an office visit and X-rays to Medicare for denial? 03/08/2017
If the physician elects to report the level of service based on counseling and/or coordination of care, does the total length of time of the encounter (face-to-face or floor time, as appropriate) need to be documented? 03/08/2017
If we provide an Evaluation and Management (E/M) Service and a psychotherapy service to a patient on the same day, can we bill and be paid for both services? 03/08/2017
If we see a patient for an Annual Wellness Visit on February 14, 2016, would their next AWV eligible date before February 14, 2017? 03/08/2017
In my notes, I documented pain and muscle spasm in the lumbar region at L2-L3, but my claim denied due to an incomplete P.A.R.T. exam. Can you explain why? 03/08/2017
In the E/M documentation guidelines, what does 'more detail' regarding the exam mean, and what is the difference between an expanded problem-focused exam and detailed exam? 03/08/2017
Incarcerated Beneficiary Claim Denial: Frequently Asked Questions 03/08/2017
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