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Provider Signature Attestation FAQs 10/19/2016
Contacts for PTANs and EDI: Questions and Answers 10/11/2016
How long will it take Railroad Medicare to issue a PTAN? 10/11/2016
Can time be used as a basis for E/M code selection in regards to add-on psychotherapy services? 09/29/2016
How should time spent with the patient and/or family member doing psychotherapy be documented? 09/29/2016
How should we calculate the time for time-based psychotherapy services for the purposes of submitting claims? 09/29/2016
If we provide an Evaluation and Management (E/M) Service and a psychotherapy service to a patient on the same day, can we bill and be paid for both services? 09/29/2016
Provider Signature Log FAQs 09/29/2016
What is a Comparative Billing Report? 09/29/2016
What is the purpose of a Comparative Billing Report? 09/29/2016
When billing psychotherapy with an E/M service, can we include the time spent on the E/M service when selecting the appropriate add-on psychotherapy code? 09/29/2016
When billing time-based psychotherapy, what code should I use when the time spent doing psychotherapy does not match the time in the code descriptions? 09/29/2016
When submitting psychotherapy services for medical review, what documentation is required? 09/29/2016
Is it acceptable to highlight information in the medical records when responding to a Medical Review Additional Documentation Request (ADR)? 09/28/2016
I received a letter saying I have to file claims electronically with Railroad Medicare and references 'ASCA'. What does 'ASCA' mean? 09/23/2016
What is the correct Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) type to use when filing an electronic claim? 09/23/2016
After I receive a 277CA will I receive anything else? 09/12/2016
Are there MSP examples available to view? 09/12/2016
For physical therapy claims where the service is performed in the patient's home (PS=12), does there need to be a 2310C loop with the patient's home address? If so, does is it need a 9-digit zip code? 09/12/2016
How can I check on the status of my Railroad EDI Enrollment Form? 09/12/2016
How can I tell if I am set up for Electronic Billing? 09/12/2016
How do we distinguish test from production submissions? 09/12/2016
If we pass testing as a submitter, will we be able to submit claims for all our providers without them testing as well? 09/12/2016
Is the 277CA returned for each test submission? 09/12/2016
Once I enroll for electronic billing, do I automatically receive electronic remits? 09/12/2016
PC-ACE Pro32 software FAQs 09/12/2016
What if we do not receive the 999 and 277CA consistently? 09/12/2016
What information do I need to have available when calling for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) assistance? 09/12/2016
What is a Network Service Vendor? 09/12/2016
What is an approved software vendor? 09/12/2016
What is my Submitter ID? 09/12/2016
What is the most current version (date) of the 837 implementation guides? 09/12/2016
Where can I find information on the connectivity changes to the front end system? 09/12/2016
Where can I locate the payer ID for Railroad Medicare? 09/12/2016
Where in the 277 CA file can we find the rejection message that provides the detailed rejection reason description? 09/12/2016
Will one test file allow me to move to PROD? And does the file require 25 claims? 09/12/2016
Will you reject claims with a P.O. Box in the billing provider address? Will you reject claims where the group number and policy number are the same values? 09/12/2016
Appeals: What happens to an incomplete redetermination request? 09/01/2016
Are chiropractors required to submit therapy codes with both the GP and the GY HCPCS modifiers? 09/01/2016
Are observation codes submitted by the hour or by the calendar date? 09/01/2016
Are we required to complete the ICD Indicator field in Item 21 of the CMS-1500 (02/12) claim form? 09/01/2016
Are we required to submit a claim to Palmetto GBA for maintenance therapy? 09/01/2016
Are we required to submit our Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) claims electronically? 09/01/2016
Are Your Medicare Secondary Claims Rejecting? 09/01/2016
As a rendering physician, how should I report my NPI on a claim? Do I submit differently if I am a member of a group? 09/01/2016
Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC) Contractor Fact Sheet 09/01/2016
By the time you received my refund, you had already offset my claim. Why wasn't my refund returned to me? 09/01/2016
Can a chiropractor use a manual device to assist with manipulation? 09/01/2016
Can a nurse practitioner perform the initial hospital visit? 09/01/2016
Can a provider request immediate offset for voluntary refunds or for solicited overpayments prior to the 40-day interval? 09/01/2016
Can a provider submit a hospital inpatient or office/outpatient evaluation on the same calendar date as a critical service? 09/01/2016
Can a service with the GY HCPCS modifier be appealed? 09/01/2016
Can a single visit be counted as both the IPPE and an AWV? 09/01/2016
Can an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage) be issued for HCPCS code A0427-ALS 1/Emergency Transports? 09/01/2016
Can an evaluation and management (E/M) service be performed as a split/shared service? 09/01/2016
Can ancillary staff that provides a service 'incident to' a physician or non-physician practitioner sign the documentation? 09/01/2016
Can I bill for drug wastage from a multi-dose/multiuse vial or package of drug or biological? 09/01/2016
Can I bill you for sending requested documentation for a prepayment or postpayment review? 09/01/2016
Can I call the Reopening line to change the total number of post-operative days I billed? 09/01/2016
Can I call the Telephone Reopening Line to correct a rejected claim? 09/01/2016
Can I print and photocopy a blank 'Request for Railroad Medicare PTAN for Electronic Submitters' form? 09/01/2016
Can I print or view remittances online? 09/01/2016
Can I submit a claim with both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes? 09/01/2016
Can I submit a subsequent hospital visit if my documentation does not support one of the three levels of an initial hospital visit? 09/01/2016
Can I submit a subsequent nursing facility CPT code if my documentation does not support one of the three levels of initial nursing facility services? 09/01/2016
Can I submit a voluntary refund request and payment electronically via eServices? 09/01/2016
Can I use an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage) for chiropractic services? 09/01/2016
Can I use the KX HCPCS modifier when filing claims to Railroad Medicare for charges that exceed the therapy cap? 09/01/2016
Can incident to occur in place of service (POS) 19 or 22 (outpatient hospital)? 09/01/2016
Can My Billing Agency or Clearinghouse Request My PTAN from Railroad Medicare? 09/01/2016
Can My Billing Agency or Clearinghouse Update My Provider Enrollment Record with Railroad Medicare? 09/01/2016
Can other medical services be performed at the same time as an AWV? If so, how are they coded? 09/01/2016
Can Railroad Medicare beneficiaries have coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan? 09/01/2016
Can the modifier that indicates 'increased procedural services' be submitted with an E/M service when a physician spends an extended amount of time with a patient? 09/01/2016
Can time alone be used to select an E/M code? 09/01/2016
Can we bill a patient for a service that denied due to MUE? Should we issue an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) to the patient in this case? 09/01/2016
Can we combine two different problems/diagnoses to obtain the HPI or can we only use one problem? 09/01/2016
Can we utilize the 'status of three or more chronic/inactive conditions' as an extended History of Present Illness (HPI) for the 1995 guidelines? 09/01/2016
CMS ICD-10-CM/PCS Frequently Asked Questions Open in New Window09/01/2016
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider's address has changed? I have already notified our local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). 09/01/2016
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider has left our group? 09/01/2016
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider has retired? 09/01/2016
Do I need to obtain preapproval or precertification before I provide a Part B service to a Railroad Medicare patient? 09/01/2016
Do subsequent chiropractic visits need new treatment plans? 09/01/2016
Do you have a coding question? 09/01/2016
Do you have my NPI Number? 09/01/2016
Do you have questions about portal verification films? 09/01/2016
Does a beneficiary need to sign an Advance Beneficiary of Noncoverage (ABN) for every visit? 09/01/2016
Does an order for a diagnostic test have to be delivered in writing? 09/01/2016
Does it matter what position modifiers are submitted on an anesthesia claim? 09/01/2016
Does it matter what position pricing modifiers are submitted on a claim? 09/01/2016
Does Medicare allow providers to bill a patient for a missed appointment? 09/01/2016
Does Medicare reimburse for ambulance transportation to and from a physician's office? 09/01/2016
Does Railroad Medicare have Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs)? 09/01/2016
Does time need to be documented in order to submit for a hospital or nursing facility discharge service? 09/01/2016
Generally speaking, when we say 'objective measures,' what does that mean? 09/01/2016
Generally speaking, when we say a 'treatment plan with specific goals', what does that mean? 09/01/2016
How can I check the status of my Appeal request submitted through eServices? 09/01/2016
How can I get a duplicate remittance notice? 09/01/2016
How can I tell if a remittance was paid by paper check or by electronic funds transfer (EFT)? 09/01/2016
How do I access Immediate Offset and electronic payments for Medicare overpayments and voluntary refunds in eServices? 09/01/2016
How do I address Chiropractic treatment goals if I see the patient once and no further treatment is necessary? 09/01/2016
How do I bill chiropractic manipulative treatment correctly? 09/01/2016
How Do I Find a Form? 09/01/2016
How do I indicate the ICD-CM diagnosis type billed on my claim? 09/01/2016
How do I make the text larger to make it easier to read? 09/01/2016
How do I obtain my Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit from a Palmetto GBA training session I attended? 09/01/2016
How do I register for listservs? 09/01/2016
How do I report a provider address change? 09/01/2016
How do I request immediate offset on an established overpayment due to Railroad Medicare? 09/01/2016
How do I submit an Appeal online? 09/01/2016
How do I update my provider information on an existing Railroad Medicare provider number? 09/01/2016
How do I upload attachments to an Appeal request? 09/01/2016
How do I verify the effective date of my electronic fund transfer (EFT)? 09/01/2016
How do you determine if an ambulance transport is considered emergent? 09/01/2016
How does a chiropractor submit a claim for an office visit and X-rays to Medicare for the denial of statutorily excluded services for the patient's secondary insurance company? 09/01/2016
How does Palmetto GBA decide when to request documentation, for what and from whom? 09/01/2016
How many units of services should I submit when I am billing a bilateral surgical procedure with CPT modifier 50? 09/01/2016
How often are CARCs and RARCs updated? 09/01/2016
How should I list the name of the ordering/referring provider when submitting my paper and electronic claims? 09/01/2016
How will I know my Appeal request has been received in eServices? 09/01/2016
How would I know a Railroad patient is enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan when they presented their Railroad Medicare Card? 09/01/2016
I've received a demand letter regarding an overpayment for a post pay review, or some other adjustment, in which it was determined that I have been overpaid and a refund is due to Medicare, if I appeal, do I also need to refund the money? 09/01/2016
I am a hospitalist and all records for my services are part of the patient's hospital record. Why do Medicare contractors send me the request for medical records and not the hospital? 09/01/2016
I am submitting an appeal request through eServices. Can I attach an appointment of representative form with my supporting documentation? 09/01/2016
I billed for a chemotherapy drug with HCPCS code J9999 and it denied. Why? 09/01/2016
I billed multiple patients on one ambulance trip with HCPCS modifier GM, why are my claims still being denied? 09/01/2016
I have a Railroad Medicare PTAN but need to update my record. How do I update with Railroad Medicare? 09/01/2016
I have primary payment for a consultation service. My software does not allow me to change the procedure code to an E/M code that Medicare will accept. Since Medicare no longer accepts consultation codes, can I bill the patient the co-pay from the primary insurance and not submit a claim to Medicare? 09/01/2016
I have received a payment marked PQRS (Physicians Quality Reporting System) from Railroad Medicare, but my remittance shows a negative dollar amount. Is this a recoupment or withholding? 09/01/2016
I need to refund an overpayment to Railroad Medicare. What documentation should I include with my check? 09/01/2016
I noticed a 'multiple procedure' modifier on my remittance advice but I did not submit it. The service was allowed, but should I have included this modifier on my claim? 09/01/2016
I rarely file paper claims and do not want to buy new forms. What are my options? 09/01/2016
I received a letter from Medical Review requesting supporting documentation for a claim. What form should I use when returning the requested information? 09/01/2016
I sent a written request to Railroad Medicare, and it was returned stating I didn't include enough information. What information does Railroad Medicare need to answer my written inquiries? 09/01/2016
I sent my claim to Railroad Medicare but the IVR and eServices indicate that it is not on file. Should I call and ask a representative to search for the claim? 09/01/2016
I submitted an assigned claim. Why was the payment sent to the patient? 09/01/2016
I was late to the webcast and missed information presented at the beginning. Is there a way for me to watch the session in its entirety later? 09/01/2016
If a forwarding address notification is submitted to the post office when a provider changes site location, will Medicare remittance advices and/or check payments be forwarded to the new address? 09/01/2016
If a paramedic (not an EMT) is requested for a transport (emergent or non-emergent), but no advanced life support (ALS) procedures are performed is it considered an ALS transport? 09/01/2016
If a patient had one system complaint that was documented for the review of systems (ROS) and then the provider documented: 'patient has no other complaints', is that enough to receive a complete ROS? 09/01/2016
If a patient is being transported to a wound care center located within a hospital or on hospital grounds, which destination modifier would be used when filing the claim? 09/01/2016
If a patient is transported by ambulance to hospice prior to the initial assessment and development of the plan of care, what destination modifier do I use? 09/01/2016
If a patient presents to the office for an injection or venipuncture, would it be acceptable to submit an office or other outpatient visit CPT code? 09/01/2016
If a physician has recorded a review of systems (ROS) and past, family and social history (PFSH) on a previous encounter, does the physician need to re-record this information? 09/01/2016
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