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Railroad Medicare

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My claims are denying because Medicare records show another insurance should be paying as primary to Medicare. The patient has recently retired and says the insurance has ended. Who can I call to get the patient’s Medicare record updated?07/16/2014
I am submitting an appeal request through OPS. Can I attach an appointment of representative form with my supporting documentation?07/14/2014
What is the definition of a handwritten signature?07/14/2014
When, if ever, is a rubber stamp signature permitted?07/14/2014
My paper claim was returned with a letter because I submitted a PTAN on the claim. Why wasn't my claim processed?06/23/2014
After I receive a 277CA will I receive anything else?06/18/2014
Are there MSP examples available to view?06/18/2014
Do you have any recommendations on software specifically for outpatient physical therapy?06/18/2014
Do you know if the physical address requirement is just for Medicare or all insurance?06/18/2014
For physical therapy claims where the service is performed in the patient's home (PS=12), does there need to be a 2310C loop with the patient's home address? If so, does is it need a 9-digit zip code?06/18/2014
How can I check on the status of my EDI enrollment form?06/18/2014
How can I tell if I am set up for Electronic Billing?06/18/2014
How do we distinguish test from production submissions?06/18/2014
I heard that 5010 requires a physical address in box 33 and P.O. Boxes are no longer accepted. Is this true?06/18/2014
If we pass testing as a submitter, will we be able to submit claims for all our providers without them testing as well?06/18/2014
Is the 277CA returned for each test submission?06/18/2014
Is the taxonomy code required in the 2000 loop for 5010?06/18/2014
Must we send a 270 v5010 to receive the 271 v5010?06/18/2014
Once I enroll for electronic billing, do I automatically receive electronic remits?06/18/2014
PC-ACE Pro32 software FAQs06/18/2014
What if we do not receive the 999 and 277CA consistency?06/18/2014
What is an approved software vendor?06/18/2014
What is my Submitter ID?06/18/2014
What is the most current version (date) of the 837 implementation guides?06/18/2014
Where in the 277 CA file can we find the rejection message that provides the detailed rejection reason description?06/18/2014
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