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Auxilary Aids & Services

For information about the availability of beneficiary auxiliary aids and services, please call our Beneficiary Contact Center at 800-833-4455.

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Railroad Medicare

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A patient is transported by ambulance to hospice prior to the initial assessment and development of the plan of care. Change Request 6778 states this transport would be covered under the ambulance benefit, not the hospice benefit. What destination modifier do I use?10/13/2014
After I receive a 277CA will I receive anything else?10/13/2014
Appeals: What happens to an incomplete redetermination request?10/13/2014
Are observation codes submitted by the hour or by the calendar date?10/13/2014
Are there MSP examples available to view?10/13/2014
Are we required to submit a claim to Palmetto GBA for maintenance therapy?10/13/2014
Are we required to submit our Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) claims electronically?10/13/2014
Are Your Medicare Secondary Claims Rejecting?10/13/2014
Can a nurse practitioner perform the initial hospital visit?10/13/2014
Can a provider submit a hospital inpatient or office/outpatient evaluation on the same calendar date as a critical service?10/13/2014
Can a single visit be counted as both the IPPE and an AWV?10/13/2014
Can an evaluation and management (E/M) service be performed as a split/shared service?10/13/2014
Can ancillary staff that provides a service 'incident to' a physician or non-physician practitioner sign the documentation?10/13/2014
Can I bill for drug wastage from a multi-dose/multiuse vial or package of drug or biological?10/13/2014
Can I submit a subsequent hospital visit if my documentation does not support one of the three levels of an initial hospital visit?10/13/2014
Can I submit a subsequent nursing facility CPT code if my documentation does not support one of the three levels of initial nursing facility services?10/13/2014
Can incident to occur in place of service (POS) 22 (outpatient hospital)?10/13/2014
Can other medical services be performed at the same time as an AWV? If so, how are they coded?10/13/2014
Can the modifier that indicates 'increased procedural services' be submitted with an E/M service when a physician spends an extended amount of time with a patient?10/13/2014
Can time alone be used to select an E/M code?10/13/2014
Can we combine two different problems/diagnoses to obtain the HPI or can we only use one problem?10/13/2014
Can we utilize the 'status of three or more chronic/inactive conditions' as an extended History of Present Illness (HPI) for the 1995 guidelines?10/13/2014
Does time need to be documented in order to submit for a hospital or nursing facility discharge service?10/13/2014
Generally speaking, when we say 'objective measures,' what does that mean?10/13/2014
Generally speaking, when we say a 'treatment plan with specific goals', what does that mean?10/13/2014
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