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Auxilary Aids & Services

For information about the availability of beneficiary auxiliary aids and services, please call our Beneficiary Contact Center at 800-833-4455.

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Railroad Medicare
Provider Enrollment

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Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider's address has changed? I have already notified our local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).02/19/2015
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider has left our group?02/04/2015
Do I need to notify Railroad Medicare that a provider has retired?02/04/2015
How do I report a provider address change?01/30/2015
Contacts for PTANs and EDI: Questions and Answers01/29/2015
Provider Enrollment Information and Form01/29/2015
Six Easy Steps to Start Billing Railroad Medicare01/29/2015
Can My Billing Agency or Clearinghouse Request My PTAN from Railroad Medicare?01/22/2015
Can My Billing Agency or Clearinghouse Update My Provider Enrollment Record with Railroad Medicare?01/22/2015
Opting out of Medicare and/or Electing to Order and Certify Items and Services to Medicare BeneficiariesOpen in New Window01/16/2015
Do you have my NPI Number?12/03/2014
How do I update my provider information on an existing Railroad Medicare provider number?12/03/2014
How long does it take Railroad Medicare to issue a PTAN?12/03/2014
If a forwarding address notification is submitted to the post office when a provider changes site location, will Medicare remittance advices and/or check payments be forwarded to the new address?12/03/2014
My electronic claims are rejecting with remittance message N198 - Rendering provider must be affiliated with the pay-to provider. What does that mean?12/03/2014
My paper claim was returned with a letter because I submitted a PTAN on the claim. Why wasn't my claim processed?12/03/2014
My paper claims are rejecting with remittance message N257 - Missing/incomplete/invalid billing provider/supplier primary identifier. I am entering the provider's NPI on the claims. What is wrong with my claims?12/03/2014
What does Railroad Medicare need when I call to find out my PTAN?12/03/2014
What information do I need to include when I send a written inquiry to Provider Enrollment?12/03/2014
What information is verified on my local Medicare Administrative Contractor's (MAC's) Part B file?12/03/2014
What is the provider's enrollment effective date with Railroad Medicare?12/03/2014
Why do I need a separate Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) for Railroad Medicare?12/03/2014


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