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Notice of Termination/Revocation of Election (TOB 8XB) Job Aid 01/08/2019
Billing Hospice Physician, Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Physician Assistant (PA) Services (Related to Terminal Diagnosis) Job Aid 12/19/2018
Checklist for Timely Filing Extension 12/11/2018
Provider Address Job Aid 08/29/2018
Understanding Reason Code 37253 on Home Health Claims 07/31/2018
Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage and Expedited Determination Hospice Guidelines 07/18/2018
Notice of Election (NOE) Timely Filing and Exceptional Circumstance Guidelines 07/18/2018
Resolution Tips for Overlapping Claims 06/18/2018
1099 Taxable Income Calculations 05/21/2018
Hospice Billing When a Notice of Election (NOE) was Filed Untimely Job Aid 05/15/2018
How to Prevent Denials Related to Physician Certification 04/10/2018
Notice of Change of Ownership (TOB 8XE) Job Aid 04/10/2018
Hospice Change of Ownership 04/09/2018
Incorrect Data Posted to the Common Working File (CWF) 03/08/2018
Timely Filing Job Aid 03/07/2018
Navigating Palmetto GBA's Event Registration Portal 02/26/2018
Section 935 Overpayment Recoupment Process 02/14/2018
Provider Refunds to Patients 02/12/2018
Need An Answer To A Medicare Question? 02/07/2018
Outpatient Therapy Functional Reporting Claim Requirements Job Aid 02/07/2018
Notice of Election (NOE - TOB 8XA) Billing Job Aid 01/25/2018
Billing for Denial of Hospice Room and Board Charges 01/23/2018
Tips to Facilitate the Change of Ownership (CHOW) Process 01/10/2018
Clarification of the First Level Appeal Decision Letter 12/28/2017
Notice of Cancelation (TOB 8XD) Billing Job Aid 12/28/2017
Notice of Transfer (TOB 8XC) Billing Job Aid 12/28/2017
Common Provider Contact Center (PCC) Inquiries Job Aid 12/19/2017
Hospice Notice of Election (NOE) Exception Examples 09/29/2017
Hospice Transfer Requirements 08/17/2017
Billing Disputes Resolution Requests 08/01/2017
Home Health Transfers: Key Points 08/01/2017
Hospice Discharge and Revocations Chart 08/01/2017
1099 Taxable Income Calculations 04/17/2017

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