Claims Submission Error Help

Understand Reason Codes on Medicare Claims
Preventing and knowing how to resolve Claim Submission Errors (CSEs) by understanding the reason codes will help expedite the processing of your claims and may save time and money.

The CSE Help tool may assist you in your compliance efforts by providing information about how to resolve incorrect denials and avoid rejections. It has been designed to aid you in reviewing reason codes and how to resolve the edit or use them for determining if other action is needed.

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Reason Code C7715 12/30/2020
Reason Code C7800 12/01/2020
Reason Code C7272 11/03/2020
Reason Code U5233 10/02/2020
Reason Code C7080 09/24/2020
Top Claims Submission Errors 06/26/2020
Reason Code 54NCD 03/13/2020
Reason Code 39934 12/17/2019
Reason Code 10420 12/16/2019
Reason Code 11503 12/16/2019
Reason Code 12205 12/16/2019
Reason Code 12206 12/16/2019
Reason Code 12302 12/16/2019
Reason Code 12505 12/16/2019
Reason Code 12811 12/16/2019
Reason Code 12818 12/16/2019
Reason Code 1282H 12/16/2019
Reason Code 13314 12/16/2019
Reason Code 13599 12/16/2019
Reason Code 14610 12/16/2019
Reason Code 1461A 12/16/2019
Reason Code 15202 12/16/2019
Reason Code 15701 12/16/2019
Reason Code 17701 12/16/2019
Reason Code 19301 12/16/2019
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