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Medicare Enrollment Application Fee for CY 2021 12/16/2020
Upload your Open Enrollment Documents! 11/09/2020
COVID-19 Information 10/22/2020
Site Visits Resume 08/06/2020
Pharmacy Attestation Information (Revised) 03/29/2019
CMS Announces Accreditation Clarification 12/31/2018
Dentist Required to have a Surety Bond 12/03/2018
2019 Open Enrollment Period 11/08/2018
Provider/Supplier Reporting of Adverse Legal Actions 06/11/2018
Responding to NSC Requests via Email 12/22/2017
How Institutional Providers Will Pay the Medicare Enrollment Application Fee Beginning March 25, 2011 12/20/2017
Notice Regarding Revalidation and Application Fee 12/20/2017
Are you properly accredited for all products you provide and bill for? 11/06/2017
DME MAC Contact Information 10/10/2017
Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System for DMEPOS Suppliers 10/09/2017
NSC Web Form Submission 05/16/2017
CMS Issues a Revised CMS-855S Enrollment Application 01/17/2017
Do Not Forward (DNF) Initiative 01/17/2017
Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Statement 01/12/2017
Update to Chapter 15 of the Program Integrity Manual - Reconsideration Requests 01/12/2017
Updated Information Regarding DMEPOS Enrollment Fees 12/06/2016
CMS Provides Clarification for Fingerprint-based Background Checks 12/02/2016
NSC Application Status Tool Open in New Window12/02/2016
Medicare Learning Network (MLN) 11/10/2016
CMS Announces Accreditation Organizations for DMEPOS Suppliers 10/14/2016
NSC News October 2016 10/11/2016
DMEPOS Suppliers: Use Revised CMS-855S Beginning January 1, 2017 09/08/2016
Additional States Requiring Licensure for Prosthetics and Custom-Fabricated Orthotics 08/05/2016
CR 9065 - Incorporation of Certain Provider Enrollment Policies in CMS-6045-F into Publication 100-08, Program Integrity Manual, Chapter 15 08/05/2016
Definition of Operational 08/05/2016
DMEPOS Enrollment Status Letter 08/05/2016
Internet-Based PECOS User Tools 08/05/2016
National Provider Identifier (NPI) CMS Website 08/05/2016
Suppliers of Oxygen Equipment and/or Supplies 08/05/2016
NSC Newsflash July 2016 07/12/2016
DME MAC Jurisdictions and Map 06/29/2016
Background Fingerprints: Check Your Status Online 03/16/2016
New Licensure Database Launched 12/30/2015
New Legislation Extends Coverage and Payment to IHS Facilities 12/29/2015
June 2015 NSC Newsflash 06/05/2015
Internet-based PECOS Makes Enrolling Easier 05/11/2015
Maybe You Should Consider Using Internet-based PECOS 05/04/2015
NSC Newsflash --March 2015 Edition 03/03/2015
November Newsflash 11/01/2014
NSC Newsflash August 2014 08/01/2014
Additional States Requiring Licensure/Certification for Prosthetics and Certain Orthotics 06/11/2014
Introducing the NSC Newsflash 05/01/2014
NSC News January 2014 02/04/2014
Implementation of the Revised CMS 588 EFT Agreement 12/11/2013
September 2013 NSC Newsletter 09/01/2013
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