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Accreditation FAQs (Subcontracting) 03/16/2020
Are all DMEPOS suppliers required to be accredited? 03/16/2020
Are DMEPOS Suppliers required to deliver to the beneficiary? 03/16/2020
Are suppliers required to have beneficiaries sign a document stating they have received warranty information? Will site inspectors look for this signature? 03/16/2020
As a manufacturer am I able to enroll as a DMEPOS supplier and bill the Medicare program? 03/16/2020
As a supplier, am I required to document all communications with beneficiaries? 03/16/2020
Can a medical practitioner (e.g., nurse practitioner, physician) be located at the same physical address as an enrolled pharmacy? 03/16/2020
Can Chiropractors Enroll as DMEPOS Suppliers? 03/16/2020
Can I make an appointment for my site visit? 03/16/2020
Can I operate a durable Medicare equipment company from my home? 03/16/2020
Do appeal rights exist for disaffirmed revalidations and reactivations? 03/16/2020
Do I have to submit an authorization agreement for electronic funds transfer (CMS 588) to the NSC? 03/16/2020
Do the revised payment rules for capped rental items preclude suppliers from complying with supplier standard 5? 03/16/2020
How are suppliers chosen to revalidate? 03/16/2020
How can I avoid unnecessary development requests and increased processing times? 03/16/2020
How can I be sure the individual present to conduct the site visit is authorized to do so? 03/16/2020
How can I get my billing privileges reactivated? 03/16/2020
How can I withdraw an application? 03/16/2020
How do I become accredited? 03/16/2020
How do I send in a change of information? 03/16/2020
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