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JM: Open Draft Local Coverage Determination (LCD) Meeting
03/26/2018 Home Health
JM Part A
JM Part B
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Open Draft LCD Meeting
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Tower Auditorium
2501 Faraway Drive
Columbia, SC 29223

Palmetto GBA JM A/B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) has scheduled an Open Draft Local Coverage Determination (LCD) Meeting in order to allow for the submission of information related to the proposed LCDs. The general public is invited to submit information for Palmetto GBA's consideration.


Individuals who seek to attend the meeting in person MUST register to attend the event. Space is limited so registration is imperative. If you do not register to attend, you will be turned away if space is at capacity. You may register by logging in to the Event Registration Portal and selecting the event you wish to attend. New users must create a profile before registering for the event. To create a user profile, select the ‘Create Profile' link under the Login button on the blue menu bar and follow the instructions. You will receive your profile login information via e-mail once you complete registration. Please do not register to attend the meeting via the Event Registration Portal if you will be attending via conference call.


Individuals who seek to present information at the meeting MUST register to attend the event following the instructions above and must email a copy of their presentation to B.Policy@PalmettoGBA.com on or before March 21, 2018. Palmetto GBA asks that all presenters attend in person. Presenters will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be notified as to whether or not they have been selected, as well as the time they are allotted to present.


Presenters should bring the following:

  • A laptop or tablet that contains a VGA plug to connect to the projector (required)
  • Copies of the presentation (optional)


If time and space are insufficient to accommodate all who request to present, Palmetto GBA will accept written comments and give them full and equal consideration.


If there are no requests to present information on the draft LCDs, the meeting may be canceled. Please check this page for updates on the meeting.


The following Draft LCDs are being presented for comment and will be viewable on the Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) on March 15, 2018. URLs will be provided here once the Draft LCDs post to the MCD. All comments should be submitted to the appropriate Proposed Contact located on each Draft LCD. 


MolDX Drafts

    1. GlycoMark Testing for Glycemic Control DL36761
    2. Helicobacter Pylori Infection Testing DL37592
    3. In Vitro Chemosensitivity & Chemoresistance Assays DL34554
    4. MolDX: Breast Cancer Indexâ„  Genetic Assay DL35631
    5. MolDX: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling to Guide Treatment in Patients with Advanced Primary Peritoneal, Fallopian Tube and Ovarian Cancer DL37723
    6. MolDX: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling to Guide Treatment in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer DL37719
    7. MolDX: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling to Guide Treatment in Patients with Metastatic Melanoma DL37721
    8. MolDX: ConfirmMDx Epigenetic Molecular Assay DL35632
    9. MolDX: Corus® CAD Assay DL37612
    10. MolDX: Cystatin C Measurement DL37581
    11. MolDX: Decipher® Prostate Cancer Classifier Assay DL35868
    12. MolDX: DecisionDx-Melanoma DL37725
    13. MolDX: Foodborne Gastrointestinal Panels Identified by Multiplex Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAATs) DL37709
    14. MolDX: Guardant360® Plasma-Based Comprehensive Genomic Profiling in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) DL37699
    15. MolDX: MDS FISH DL37602
    16. MolDX: Multiplex Nucleic Acid Amplified Tests for Respiratory Viral Panels DL37713
    17. MolDX: Oncotype DX AR-V7 Nucleus Detect for Men with Metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer (MCRPC) DL37701
    18. MolDX: Pigmented Lesion Assay (PLA) DL37715
    19. MolDX: Prolaris™ Prostate Cancer Genomic Assay DL35869
    20. MolDX: ProMark Risk Score DL36665

*Pending CMS decision on NGS NCD


Conference Call Number: 1-877-375-2583
Participant Code: 987225


South Carolina (individual meetings will not be held in NC, VA or WV)
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET on March 26, 2018
Location: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tower Auditorium, 2501 Faraway Drive, Columbia, SC 29223