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Developed in 2011, the MolDX Program by Palmetto GBA performs the following functions:

  • Facilitates detailed and unique identification through registration of molecular diagnostics tests to facilitate claims processing and to track utilization.
  • Establishes clinical utility expectations
  • Completes technical assessments of published test data to determine clinical utility and coverage
  • Establishes reimbursement

The MolDX Manual (PDF, 148 KB) is available in print.

Critical Update

Attention: MolDX is updating many of your tests in the DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange with the MolDX Recommended CPT code. This is the code your MAC expects to receive on claims. Please note that for some tests, this feature is not yet enabled. To view the MolDX Recommended CPT code, please log in to the DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange.