How do I register for eServices?

Published 06/10/2024

You can participate in eServices if you have a signed Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enrollment Agreement on file with Palmetto GBA. Only one provider administrator per EDI Enrollment Agreement may register for eServices. The provider administrator may then grant access to the different features of the application to their associates, who are provider users. The provider administrator also has the ability to assign additional provider administrators by selecting the admin permission for the user. If you are a provider user, you must contact the provider administrator for your provider to request access to the system.

It’s easy to register. Just go to the eServices link from Palmetto GBA. You’ll see the eServices introduction screen.

You must enter the information listed below to register:

  • Provider name
  • Contact name (the person assigned to this user ID)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Extension
  • Provider, billing service or clearinghouse indicator
  • PTAN
  • NPI
  • Tax ID
  • Most recent Medicare payment amount received or Access Code. If you have several payments received in one day, use the amount related to highest check number.
  • Line of business: choose from drop-down selections
  • Billing service or clearinghouse information, if required

You must also agree to the terms of use to register. If you have entered registration information in an incorrect format, the eServices application will display an error message in red at the top of the screen. Carefully read that error message and enter the information again. If the information you enter matches the information on file with Palmetto GBA, you will be able to choose a password and security questions and answers.

Once this is completed, you will receive an email at the email address you registered. You must access the email and click on the validation link. If you do not click on the validation link and you try to log in, you will see the profile screen where you can update or correct your email address and submit. If your email address is correct, you may click on the link to request a new email. Please make sure your email address is correct on your profile before calling Palmetto GBA for assistance.

If you are sure your email address is correct, but you do not receive your email, your company’s email security settings may need to be updated to allow incoming emails from Palmetto GBA. The email address you will be receiving the validation email from is

Generic User Names are Not Permitted
Each user of eServices must have a unique user ID and password. This means that we expect each user to have a legitimate first and last name. Generic first and last names are not permitted. Examples of generic user names are: Front Desk, Account Coordinator, Billing Department, User A, or the name of your provider office. No sharing of user IDs and passwords is permitted. Palmetto GBA will delete, without notice, any user names we find that are generic.

Note: You must register for each PTAN/NPI combination. If you have multiple NPIs associated with a PTAN, you must register each PTAN/NPI combination separately. Each combination will be assigned a unique user ID. Once the user IDs have been assigned, you may utilize the account linking feature to link the access for all of your eServices accounts under one of your eServices user IDs. Providers who have a Do Not Forward (DNF) on file with Palmetto GBA will not be able to register until the DNF is lifted.

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