Adding Late Charges in DDE

Published 05/19/2021

Appeals can no longer add late charge(s) when requesting that late charges be added with a corrected claim. If an appeal is received with a request to add a late charge along with other corrections made to the claim, the request for the late charge will be denied. If an appeal request is received that only contains the added charge, the appeal will be dismissed. Late charges must be added through the DDE/FISS system.

If you need to add late charges to a claim with or without a medically denied line(s), you must add the late charges through FISS/DDE. File a corrected claim XX7 type of bill (TOB) and add the later charges. Do not make any changes to any medically denied line(s); leave the charge as non-covered. Once the corrected claim finalizes, you can then appeal the medically denied lines, if you wish. The timeline for filing an appeal begins from the finalized date of the original claim, regardless of when you add the late charges. 

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