eAudit Reports for Claims Under Complex Medical Review is Now Live!

Published 01/31/2018

Palmetto GBA is excited to announce that Jurisdiction J (JJ) providers are now able to access new reports using the eServices portal. The eAudit tool will feature:

  • CERT Claim Review Status (Part A and Part B)
  • MAC Appeals (Part B only)
  • MAC Medical Review Status (coming March, 2019)

Electronic Audit (eAudit) is an enhanced function available in the eServices online portal which allows providers the ability to access personal reports of audit results for claims which have been chosen for Complex Medical Review by various Medicare review contractors.

eAudit gives providers the opportunity to see what claims may be pending Complex Medical Review currently, and the results of any recent review decisions.

This information can be used for self-assessment of provider performance on Medicare audits utilizing a dashboard which contains the most common denial reasons.

How do I use the eAudit function?
To get started:

  • Log into the eServices portal using your user ID
  • Select the eAudit tab, which is located under the eReview tab
  • Select the Audit Type. The screen will automatically populate with a summary table of your audit data by category. Full details can be found in the eServices User Guide (PDF, 7.80 MB). 

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Example of eAudit Claim Data Table in eServices

Example of eAudit Claims Data Details Table in eServices

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