Direct Data Entry (DDE) IDs, Access and Security Measures, and Password Procedures

Published 03/13/2023

Direct Data Entry (DDE) IDs
DDE User ID numbers are assigned to individuals at each facility who utilize the DDE system. Each user must have an individual DDE User ID. One ID can access multiple provider numbers. For security reasons, you must not share your DDE User ID.

DDE IDs are assigned to individuals, not entities, and cannot be reassigned to another individual within your company or agency. When an employee who has been assigned a DDE ID leaves a company, it is the responsibility of the provider to notify the Palmetto GBA Provider Contact Center toll-free at 877-567-7271 to delete the ID.

Access and Security Measures
As part of our security recertification process, providers are required to certify user access annually. If this recertification information is not verified and returned, access will be terminated.

DDE User IDs will be revoked and deleted from the system after 30 days of being inactive. DDE IDs cannot be re-activated once this has occurred. Notification will not be sent out prior to deletion; therefore, DDE users should monitor their IDs closely to ensure they are not revoked. This issue can be avoided by signing on to DDE at least once every 29 days so that your ID remains active.

Providers whose IDs have been revoked will need to apply for a new ID through the Jurisdiction J Part A EDI Enrollment Packet or the EDI Online Enrollment Forms. Normal processing time to receive a new DDE User ID is 15 business days.

Password Procedures
If you receive a notice that your password has 'expired,' please follow the directions noted on the screen when changing your password. Password guidelines have changed to tighten security. Please refer to DDE Guide 1: Introduction and Connectivity for the new requirements.

As a security mechanism, a password utility feature has been provided so that you will be able to reset a 'revoked' password. Instructions for resetting your password are outlined in DDE Guide 1: Introduction and Connectivity. Please do not call the Palmetto GBA Provider Contact Center to have your password reset. As a security measure, a password can only be reset by the user using the process outlined in DDE Guide 1: Introduction and Connectivity once within a 24-hour period.

Security Verification Emails
The security team at Palmetto GBA will send emails if a security breach attempt is made using a DDE ID. If you receive one of these emails please follow the instructions and respond to the email. Failure to respond to the email will result in the DDE ID being deleted.

Contact Information Updates
Please keep your EDI contact information current along with your address. If your address or contact information changes, please call our Provider Contact Center at 877-567-7271 to update. This is the primary method of communication concerning DDE ID recertification and security verification.

If you have any questions regarding DDE IDs, access and security measures, or password procedures, please call the Palmetto GBA EDI Provider Contact Center 877-567-7271.

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