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Published 03/23/2018

Palmetto GBA is excited to introduce an eServices feature now available to Jurisdiction J (JJ) Part A providers. Electronic Audit (eAudit) is a new function available in the eServices online portal, which allows providers the ability to check status and securely access personal reports of audit results for claims which have been chosen for Complex Medical Review by various Medicare review contractors. eAudit, a free and fast online service, provides a secure method to check the progress of  your review status online as often as you like.

The eAudit tool currently features JJ Part A data for the following audit types:

  • MAC Appeal Review Status

How do I use the eAudit function?
Checking your status is easy! To get started, log into the eServices portal using your user ID. Simply click on the eReview tab, then select eAudit and choose the option from the Audit Type drop-down menu that you wish to view.

eAudit gives providers the opportunity to see what claims may be pending Complex Medical Review currently and the results of any recent review decisions. This information can be used for self-assessment of provider performance on Medicare audits utilizing a dashboard which contains the most common denial reasons. eAudit can be used to combine data from multiple sources and easily create customized reports for specific business needs. This gives providers access to specialized analysis that can be used for targeted education within your facility. Full details can be found in the eServices User Guide

If you don't already have an eService account, register for one today.

Example of eAudit Dashboard in eService


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