Avoid Processing Delays and Send the Overpayment Demand Letter with Your Appeal Request

Published 03/10/2021

When you request a redetermination (first appeal level) of an overpayment demand notification, it is important that you include a copy of the notification letter with your request.

The overpayment demand notification letter provides important details about the case. Most importantly, it provides Internal Control Numbers that make it faster and easier for us to identify all of the claims included in the overpayment. Once we have identified all of the claims involved, the financial department will stop recoupment activities and await the final decision.

Whether you use the form that is available for downloading on our website, or your own letterhead to request a redetermination, you should always include a copy of the overpayment demand notification letter to ensure timely and accurate processing. You should send your redetermination request, overpayment demand notification letter and supporting documentation to the address below.

Palmetto GBA - JJ Part A Appeals
PO Box 100305 - Mail Code: AG-630
Columbia, SC 29202-3305

Fax: (803) 870-0138

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