Ways to Connect to Palmetto GBA

Published 12/01/2023

Palmetto GBA places a great deal of importance on provider information and education, and, in addition to our website and Provider Contact Center, we have a number of electronic resources accessible online.

Our live chat feature, available via our website, is a convenient and efficient way to address concerns or ask questions of Palmetto GBA. Wait times may vary depending on volume, but the chat feature is an alternative to calling us that many health care providers find useful.

General information concerning wellness, Medicare, and tips for managing patient health and claims can be found on Palmetto GBA's Facebook, X/Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Connect with us there to share information and join the conversation. With new content appearing daily, there’s something for everyone at Palmetto GBA Online.

If you or your staff needs a brush-up on topics ranging from clinical laboratory billing to hospice election to registering for eServices, the Palmetto GBA Education YouTube channel is available every day, 24 hours a day.

As a reminder, it is important that you never send PHI or PII over social media. Inquiries concerning particular patients or claims should not be made over Twitter or Facebook.

Connect to Palmetto GBA on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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