How Can We Be of "eServices" to You?

Published 04/09/2020

Medicare Part A and Home Health and Hospice (HHH) eServices Claims Data Enhancements
At Palmetto GBA, we are in constant pursuit of reliable innovation. Because of this commitment, we are excited to introduce new enhancements to the claims section our eServices portal, designed with you in mind. Through Application Programming Interface (API) integration, our eServices platform now integrates with the Part A and HHH claims system and is able to display multiple new features, making it faster and easier for you to review your claims.

Our Enhanced Customer Experience include:

  • Improved provider experience and daily operations by providing faster Part A and HHH claim searches
  • New and improved user interface including claim search, claim detail, and claim Summary screens
  • Enhanced claim lookup, now including Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) or claim number search with optional date range criteria 
    • HICNs on claims with DOS prior to 1/1/20 are still accepted
  • Additional data elements on claim detail lines
  • Remit link added to Claim Summary and Claim Detail screen
    • Eliminates additional clicks to go back to Eligibility for remit information
  • Account linking functionality
  • Sorting feature for fields to sort claim data
  • Dynamic text box added to Claim Search screen to display important messages, updates and information to providers when applicable

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