CERT Contractor Email Addresses

Published 01/24/2022

Did you know providers and suppliers are now able to submit medical records directly to the CERT Contractor? When using this method for submission, providers and suppliers should encrypt all email attachments per HIPAA security rules as best practice. Attachments must be in TIFF or PDF format. All correspondence should be submitted to CERTMail@nciinc.com. We advise providers to contact CERT directly by phone at 888–779–7477 with your password and CID number associated with the request. Or you may fax your password with the corresponding CID number to (804) 261–8100. 

Have questions?
Reach out to the CERT Contractor at the number provided and they can assist with questions related to medical records requests and contact information updates.  Please reach out to Palmetto GBA for the results of your CERT audit.