We've Made it Easy to Identify Your eServices Administrator

Published 07/18/2024

Your eServices administrator can add and remove users, as well as grant access to a variety of eServices features for all active users. We are pleased to announce that the Palmetto GBA eServices portal will now display the names of up to three administrators, which are viewable by all active users. Providers will no longer have to call our Provider Contact Center (PCC) to retrieve this information.

How to Identify Your eServices System Administrator

  1. Click the My Account tab
  2. Select the Account Information tab
  3. View the Username field for a listing of administrators (up to three, if applicable)

    View of My Accounts tabl showing administrator user name

How to Contact Your System Administrator within eServices

  1. Click the blue hyperlink to send an email to your administrator
  2. Your email will be sent to email address on file for your administrator


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