Minimum Website Requirements

Published 06/30/2021

In order to maintain an ideal user experience on our website and its various tools and functions, Palmetto GBA recommends that users verify that their PC operating system and web browsers adhere to the minimum requirements we have establised.

Operating System Requirements 

  • Windows 10 (latest security patches)
  • Mac OS X 10.13.6 or above

Supported Internet Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge: version 87.x and above
  • Mozilla Firefox: version 34.x and above
  • Google Chrome version 40.x and above
  • Safari: version 13.1.2 and above


  • JavaScript enabled
  • Compatibility view disabled
  • Pop-block disabled
  • Use of TLS 1.2 or higher security settings


  • Adobe Reader version 2020 or above
  • Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1280x720

Please Note: Although our site may still operate on your PC or device without meeting these minimum requirements, we cannot guarantee the functionality or layout presented will be as intended.

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