How to Submit Audit Documentation in eServices

Published 04/25/2021

Access the eServices portal and log in or create an account.

From the home page, select the Forms tab. 

Form tab in eServices porta.

Select Audit and Reimbursement on the Topic dropdown, then select Documentation Submission from the dropdown menu. 

Select Documentation Submission from the drop down menu.

On the next screen:

1. Select the type of documentation being uploaded from the dropdown. The choices are as follows:

  • Desk Review
  • Full Cost Report Audit
  • S-10 Audit
  • Wage Index
  • Occupational Mix
  • Reopening
  • Appeal
  • IRF Compliance Review
  • Other

2. Enter your Fiscal Year Begin (FYB) and Fiscal Year End (FYE) dates.

3. Use the Choose File button to navigate to the files you would like to upload. Please note the 150 MB total file size limit. 

4. Select the Submit button. 

Audit and Reimbursement Documentation Submission: AR-JJ-A-7001 eServices form.

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