Submitting Additional Documentation to Palmetto GBA

Published 03/07/2018

When submitting required additional documentation to support a service, providers are reminded that specific information is required on the electronic claim. This information is to alert Palmetto GBA that documentation has been submitted. Failure to appropriately note the submission of additional documentation on your electronic claim will result in claim denial or rejection if the information is needed to process the claim. Details regarding the proper way to note your electronic claim can be found in the Submitting Additional Documentation article. Additionally, Palmetto GBA only requires additional documentation in certain instances. In addition to the articles listed below providers are encouraged to review the Modifier Lookup tool for details regarding the submission of additional documentation for a given modifier.

Unclassified or Not Otherwise Classified (NOC) Drug Codes: Rejected if Not Submitted Correctly

Compound Drugs Administered for Pain Management May Be Rejected if Not Submitted Correctly

Unlisted and Not Otherwise Classified Procedure Codes (NOC)

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