Stand-Alone and Unnecessary Additional Documentation Submissions

Palmetto GBA is experiencing a significant increase in the submission of unnecessary and/or unneeded documentation sent through eServices and by fax. This stand-alone/unnecessary documentation will not be matched and used to adjudicate a claim when:

  • Documentation is not identified as having been requested by the inclusion of the additional documentation request letter that was issued by Palmetto GBA
  • Documentation is received through eServices or through the faxed additional documentation process and a provider failed to properly note the individual claim to indicate required documentation was submitted
  • Claims that are rejected through the electronic 277CA report or on a remittance notice and the provider submits the needed information as stand-alone documentation instead of submitting a required new claim correcting or including the missing, incomplete, or invalid information for which the claim was initially rejected
  • Stand-alone documentation expecting Palmetto GBA to find and reopen a claim associated with the submitted documentation

The submission of unnecessary documentation in any of the above situations will result in Palmetto GBA not recognizing or using the documentation. Use the resources below to understand when additional documentation is required and how to properly submit additional documentation and link it to a new claim submission. 


Last Updated: 04/02/2018