2021 Ambulatory Surgical Center Drug Pricing Updates

Published 07/07/2022

Ambulatory surgical center (ASC) services are those surgical procedures that are identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on an annually updated ASC listing. The Medicare definition of covered facility services includes services that would be covered if furnished on an inpatient or outpatient basis in connection with a covered surgical procedure.

Procedure Indicator: S = Surgical Procedure, A = Ancillary Service, C = Carrier Priced

* Fee listed is CMS' ASC Drug Fee. Please see Palmetto GBA's billing requirements titled Hemophilia Clotting Factors: Submitting the Number of Units. Palmetto GBA adjusts the fees for certain Hemophilia procedure codes to accommodate special billing units. Please refer to the above article to determine which codes are impacted by the special billing requirements.

Effective Date File Type
January 1, 2021
(revised 4/4/2022)
ASC_Drug_Fee_Schedule_Jan_2021_REV_04-2022_JJ (XLSX)
April 1, 2021
(revised 4/4/2022)
ASC_Drug_Fee_Schedule_Apr_2021_REV_04-2022_JJ (XLSX)
July 1, 2021
(revised 7/7/2022)
ASC_Drug_Fee_Schedule_JUL_2021_REV_07-22_JJ (XLSX)
October 1, 2021
(revised 7/7/2022)
ASC_Drug_Fee_Schedule_OCT_2021_REV_07-22_JJ (XLSX)


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