How do I restore a remit file?

Published 03/21/2023

A remittance file can be restored to your mailbox by submitting an Online ERA/ERN and GPNet Report Restore Form. You will receive a request confirmation by email. The remittance files are available 20 business days prior to current date. You may also contact our EDI Provider contact Center at 855-696-0705 (JM), 877-567-7271 (JJ) or 888-355-9165 (RR) for assistance with restoring your file. 

Please have your Submitter/Receiver ID, Dates to Restore, Check/EFT number, Check/EFT Amount, Email Address and Contact Phone Number ready before submitting a request. Palmetto GBA can only restore remit files for a submitter or if receiving files from a clearinghouse, the contact on file with EDI.

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