Do You Know Who Your eServices Administrator Is?

Published 12/21/2020

If you do not know who the in-house administrator is for your eServices account, eServices will display up to three administrators in the eServices portal.

How to Identify Your eServices System Administrator
  1. Click the My Account tab
  2. Select the Account Information tab
  3. View the Username field for a listing of administrators (up to three, if applicable)
    View of My Accounts tabl showing administrator user name
How to Contact Your System Administrator within eServices
  1. Click the blue hyperlink to send an email to your administrator
  2. Your email will be sent to email address on file for your administrator

The provider administrator role is responsible for granting access to others. Any access granted and maintained by the provider administrator in your organization is the sole responsibility of that administrator. Palmetto GBA has no responsibility for maintaining your user access; permissions and access for other persons in your organization are assigned by your provider administrator.

Each user ID must be assigned to a specific individual. Generic user names and account sharing is strictly prohibited. Palmetto GBA has the right to terminate any user’s access if suspicious or improper activity is suspected or determined. Palmetto GBA will delete, without notice, any user ID that is associated with a generic user name. We reserve the right to terminate any eService account suspected of account sharing.