Recent Enhancements to the eServices eClaim Form

Published 02/01/2016

We have recently added some major timesaving enhancements to our eServices eClaim form for Part B providers.

Provider Profile sub-tab
A new Provider Profile sub-tab has been added to the Admin tab. Provider Administrators are able to add some basic provider information (i.e., address, telephone number, Contact Name) that will be pre-populated into the Billing Provider section of the eClaim form.

Claim Resubmission
Upon eClaim submission providers are now presented with buttons on the "Claim Submission Summary" screen to either create a new claim or access a copy of the claim they just submitted.

In addition, several new fields have been added:

Pay-To Address Fields
Billing providers are now able to submit a PO Box address in these fields.

Taxonomy Field
Group and Solo practices are able to submit a taxonomy code for their billing or rendering provider. This facilitates easier Medicaid crossovers where applicable.

Updates to Existing Functionality:

Initial Treatment Date (Chiropractic)
The existing field has been moved to a more user friendly location and will be required for all Chiropractic eClaims submitted in eServices.

Diagnosis Code fields
These fields are now only limited to alphanumeric characters. We will no longer allow spaces or decimals.

Message Inbox Update
The file name for your submitted claim has been added to the Accepted "Secure Claim Submission Receipt" message. This will make it easier for your Medicare Contractor to view your specific claim should you have any questions about what information was submitted.

Detail Line Modifications
The scrollbar now only shows line item information that was keyed for your specific Date of Service and procedure code.

Rendering Physician
We have added the ability to copy the Rendering Physician from the previously entered line item. This saves time and effort in re-keying the same Rendering Physician on each line.

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