Rendering Physicians Can Now Review Their Individual Medicare Billing Activities!

Published 08/01/2017

Palmetto GBA is excited to announce that rendering physicians now have access to eReview functions via the eServices portal to review and analyze their Medicare billing activity. Part B rendering physicians who are currently listed in PECOS may register for a rendering physician account in eServices.

Rendering physicians must enter the information listed below to register:

  • Provider name
  • Contact name (The person assigned to this user ID)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Extension
  • Rendering physician indicator (After selecting this option from the drop-down list, the registration screen will update to show the remaining required fields for rendering physicians)
  • PTAN
  • NPI
  • Line of business: choose from drop-down selections
  • Rendering physician date of birth
  • SSN

Note: Generic user names are not permitted. Each user of eServices must have a unique user ID and password. This means that we expect each user to have a legitimate first and last name. Generic first and last names are not permitted. Examples of generic user names are: Front Desk, Account Coordinator, Billing Department, User A, or the name of your provider office. No sharing of user IDs and passwords is permitted. Palmetto GBA will delete, without notice, any user names we find that are generic.

Rendering physician accounts only have access to the eReview functions in eServices. eReview functions include:

  • Electronic Comparative Billing Reports (eCBRs) - are an educational tool for providers to use in order to provide insight into your billing patterns and utilization of services in comparison to your peers. Providers can use this information to conduct a self-audit to ensure they are in compliance with the Medicare regulations and prevent improper claims submission in order to avoid possible pre or post-pay medical review
  • Electronic Utilization (eUtilization) Reports - These reports offer rendering providers access to their personal data. This data can be reviewed to ensure you are aware of when and by whom your NPI is being used for billing Medicare services and when you are notated on a Medicare claim as the ordering referring physician. This will provide you with the ability to identify possible misuse of your NPI.
  • Electronic Audit (eAudit) Reports - These reports offer a dashboard of audit results for claims which have been sampled by review contractors for Complex Medical Review. eAudit gives providers the opportunity to see what claims may be pending a complex medical review currently and the results of any recent medical review activities. This information can be used for self-assessment of provider performance on Medicare audits utilizing the dashboard containing common denial reasons

If you need access to additional features in eServices i.e., eligibility lookup, form submission, electronic remittances, etc., you will need access to an eServices account associated with the PTAN/NPI combination that matches your billing provider’s EDI enrollment agreement with Palmetto GBA.

Full registration and eReview details can be located in eServices user manual (PDF, 8.5 MB).

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