Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) for Obesity

Published 07/23/2018

The A/B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Provider Outreach and Education (POE) Collaboration Team is recognizing the month of August for continued education on IBT for Obesity.

The size of Americans is a significant and valid concern for everyone as the health risks related to obesity are substantially higher. Currently, obesity-related diabetes represents the most costly disease to the healthcare system.

To assist with this growing problem, Medicare provides coverage of Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity for qualifying beneficiaries whose body mass index (BMI) is equal to or greater than 30 kg/m2. 

Coverage includes:

  • Screening for obesity in adults using measurement of BMI
  • A dietary (nutritional) assessment
  • Intensive behavioral counseling and behavioral therapy to promote sustained weight loss through high intensity interventions using diet and exercise 

The frequency limitations include:

  • One face-to-face visit every week for the first month
  • One face-to-face visit every other week for months two through six
  • One face-to-face visit every month for months seven through 12, if the beneficiary meets the 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) weight loss requirement during the first six months.

How can you help? 
Encourage your Medicare patients to take advantage of the Intensive Behavior Therapy for Obesity:

This document was developed through the A/B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Provider Outreach & Education (POE) Collaboration Team. This joint effort ensures consistent communication and education throughout the nation on a variety of topics and will assist the provider and physician community with information necessary to submit claims appropriately and receive proper payment in a timely manner.

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