Helpful Hints Regarding the Revalidation Process

42 CFR 424.57 (e) requires DMEPOS suppliers to revalidate information on file with the NSC to maintain Medicare billing privileges. Suppliers may now revalidate using the Internet-based PECOS system or by downloading a CMS-855S enrollment application.

The information listed below will assist suppliers with completing the revalidation process using the CMS-855S.

  • The revalidation may be signed by either the authorized or delegated official listed on the supplier file
  • Suppliers must ensure a copy of the notification received from the NPI enumerator is included with the submitted package. As stated in the letter that accompanies the revalidation package, suppliers are required to submit this documentation. Please note, the NPI notification must also have the business name and physical address of the location revalidating. If not included, the NSC will have to request this information, which will delay processing.
If you are unable to locate your NPI notification, you may contact the NPPES at (800) 465-3203 or send an email to

Applying for the NPI is a process separate from Medicare enrollment. To obtain an NPI, you may apply online at For more information about NPI enumeration, visit


  • List a contact person in Section 11 of the CMS 855S. This will assist the analyst when additional information is required to complete the revalidation process. This contact person should be someone who is knowledgeable about the information listed on the CMS 855S and who can be easily contacted. Often, there is no contact person listed and the analyst is required to contact the authorized or delegated official on file, who may not be available. Also, please be aware that the NSC analyst is only able to request information from the contact person during the processing of the revalidation. Once processing is complete, the contact person may not access any information on the supplier file.
  • Provide contact information for the underwriter to verify insurance coverage. This information is now required in Section 5 of the CMS 855S (05/16) application form. Providing this information will facilitate the verification process.

Last Updated: 12/29/2016