Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Unit User Guide

The NSC Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Unit allows suppliers to obtain:

  • General information regarding the enrollment process
  • Information on the appeals process
  • Status of a new application, revalidation, reactivation or change of information
  • Instructions on how to obtain a CMS 855S
  • Contact information for the NSC, DME MAC and CMS

To ensure the best customer service to the supplier community, the NSC encourages suppliers to utilize the IVR to obtain general information, status of enrollment documentation, contact information and to request forms. Use of the IVR frees our provider enrollment analysts to work with suppliers who have more difficult enrollment issues. If you need information that cannot be accessed through the IVR, you may speak with a live provider enrollment analyst Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

The IVR is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (except for routine system maintenance) and can be accessed by calling the NSC Customer Service Line at 866-238-9652.

The following table outlines the information available on the IVR:

General Information Obtain information concerning the application and site visit process, how to change information on a supplier file, information regarding the appeals process and the NSC Web address.
Supplier Status Suppliers can obtain status on new applications, revalidations, reactivations and changes of supplier information. Please note for new applications, suppliers should wait approximately two weeks prior to verifying the application was received. This is to allow time for the NSC to receive the application and to begin the preliminary review of the information submitted.
Request an Enrollment Form Suppliers can receive information on how to request a CMS 855S application form or can speak with a provider enrollment analyst to have a form mailed.
Contact Information Suppliers can obtain NSC, DME MAC and CMS contact information to access further resources.

To download a copy of the IVR User Guide in PDF format, click attachment below.

NSC IVR Call Flow (PDF, 88 KB)


Last Updated: 05/23/2005

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