How can I be sure the individual present to conduct the site visit is authorized to do so?


Site inspections are now conducted by two separate CMS contractors and are no longer conducted by the NSC. One contractor handles all states east of the Mississippi River and another all states to the west of the Mississippi River. Each contractor may use subcontractors to perform inspections. Regardless, an authorized site inspector will have a photo identification and a signed letter on CMS letterhead authorizing the individual to conduct the visit. Please note, the inspector will have a camera to take various pictures of the facility, sign, inventory, etc. The inspector will also have a questionnaire to complete based on the supplier standards.

The inspector may ask to review business records (e.g. licenses, insurance) and/or beneficiary files to determine compliance with certain requirements of the supplier standards. However, the site inspector should never take, copy, or photograph beneficiary files. Please notify the NSC immediately if the site inspector requests to take or copy beneficiary files.


For other questions about site inspections contact the NSC at 866-238-9652.

Last Updated: 09/06/2022