Standard 12 - May I contract delivery and instruction services out to someone else?

The supplier must be responsible for the delivery of Medicare-covered items to beneficiaries and maintain proof of delivery. The supplier must document that it or another qualified party has, at an appropriate time, provided beneficiaries with necessary information and instructions on how to use Medicare-covered items safely and effectively.

The supplier is 100 percent responsible for delivery of Medicare-covered items and for instruction on the use of those items. That said, the supplier may choose to contract these services out to someone else. But, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring this happens properly and for maintaining all documentation regarding the requirements in this supplier standard lies with the supplier.

Note several things about this supplier standard and we'll put this in the first person with 'you' being 'the supplier':

  1. In conjunction with standard 4, ensure the inventory being delivered is inventory that has been purchased by you and is not owned by the company delivering the inventory directly to the beneficiary. You are required to maintain proof the inventory delivered was from inventory of your own and not from inventory owned by the delivering company. This may be documented by maintaining invoices.
  2. You are responsible to maintain proof of the delivery in the patient's file.
  3. You may provide beneficiaries with instructions on how to safely and effectively use the equipment or may choose to contract this service out to a qualified individual.
  4. If you have a delivery person who is not qualified in the use of the product, that delivery person should not be the one instructing the beneficiary on how to use the equipment.
  5. Instruction on the safe and effective use of the equipment should be done at an 'appropriate time'. An appropriate time is before the beneficiary must start using the equipment since the goal is to ensure safe and effective use of the equipment.
  6. You must document that this instruction has taken place. It would be wise to document how it took place. Many suppliers have written instructions to review with the beneficiary in person and to leave with the beneficiary as reference material, along with a phone number to call if there are additional questions.

Last Updated: 09/19/2022