Internet-Based PECOS Getting Started Guide

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has implemented an on-line system whereby DMEPOS suppliers who are eligible to enroll in the Medicare program may use the Internet to submit enrollment applications. The system is called PECOS - Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System. Suppliers may utilize this system to view enrollment information, update enrollment information, submit revalidation information, voluntarily terminate from the Medicare program and track the status of applications submitted via the Internet. Suppliers will be able to apply for enrollment in the Medicare program or make routine changes and file updates by using either the Internet-based PECOS system, or by submitting a CMS-855S enrollment application.

Several steps must be taken prior to a DMEPOS supplier using PECOS including completing user registration for the system. Ultimately, PECOS will reduce the time necessary for suppliers to enroll or make changes in their Medicare enrollment and allow suppliers to view their Medicare enrollment information for accuracy while reducing the administrative load association with processing Medicare enrollment information.

Suppliers are encouraged to review the Getting Started Guide for DMEPOS Suppliers found on the CMS website prior to registering to use Internet-Based PECOS.

Last Updated: 07/29/2011