Maybe You Should Consider Using Internet-based PECOS

Internet-based PECOS was initially introduced to DMEPOS suppliers on October 4, 2010 as an alternative to submitting enrollment information to the National Supplier Clearinghouse. Although it has been implemented for more than four years, there may be some DMEPOS suppliers who have not pressed towards the use of PECOS. Here are a few benefits of using Internet-Based PECOS:

  • Reduces Administrative Burden - all documents can be submitted electronically
  • Decreases Development Requests - users cannot advance until application sections are populated
  • Track the Status of your Application - follow the application from submission to final decision
  • View Enrollment Information - view the enrollment record including products/services and authorized/delegated officials and more
  • Update Enrollment Information - submit enrollment data easily and quickly

Register for a username/password and view helpful tools and PECOS resources on the CMS Website. There are so many benefits of electronic enrollment. This month, maybe you can revisit the use of Internet-based PECOS.

Last Updated: 05/04/2015