Sample NPI Notification Documents

The CMS 855S enrollment form requires suppliers to furnish its NPI in the appropriate section(s) and submit a copy of the notification received from the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) verifying the NPI.

Note: The address listed on the NPI notification must match the address listed on the CMS 855S.

 CMS considers the following to be acceptable NPI notifications:

•NPI notification letters from the NPPES. These notifications are sent to suppliers who applied for the NPI by completing the paper application.
•NPI email notification. These notifications are generated by the NPPES and are sent to suppliers who applied for the NPI through the Web-based process.
•NPI notifications from Electronic File Interchange (EFI) organizations. These notifications may be in an email or letter format.
Further, CMS has stated a copy of the NPPES screenshot, verifying the NPI, is acceptable for Medicare enrollment purposes. However, the screenshot must be legible and not altered in any way.

 Again, suppliers must furnish the NPI in the proper section(s) of the CMS 855S and submit an acceptable form of notification from the NPPES before any enrollment documentation is processed.

 Attached are some examples of acceptable NPI notifications. Please open the PDF files below to review these examples.

NPI_Notification_E-mail_Example_Type_1 (PDF-1 MB)

NPI_Notification_E-mail_Example_Type_2 (PDF-359 KB)

NPI_Notification_Example_Letter (PDF-180 KB)

Last Updated: 01/12/2017