1) Corporate, @PalmettoGBA

Company-related feed for sharing corporate information, links, events and highlights.

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2) Feeds related to various contract areas

The Twitter accounts below are available as alternative channels for receiving email/listserv updates.

Palmetto GBA Twitter Feeds

@PalmettoGBA_J1A - J1 Part A MAC- CA, HI, NV

@PalmettoGBA_J1B - J1 Part B MAC- CA, HI, NV

@PalmettoGBA_NSC - National Supplier Clearinghouse

@PalmettoGBAJ11A - Jurisdiction 11 Part A

@PalmettoGBAJ11B - Jurisdiction 11 Part B

@PalmettoGBA_RRB - Railroad Medicare

@PalmettoGBA_HHH - Home Health & Hospice