Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning consists of training courses that you can complete on your time, at your convenience. Your Palmetto GBA Provider Outreach and Education team offers a variety of educational options to fit your training and education needs.

Encore presentations are recorded versions of previously presented live Webinars. Encore presentations can serve as a refresher of a live Webinar you attended or allow you to view a Webinar you were unable to attend when it was offered live.

Instructional videos provide tutorials on how to best use tools on the Part B website, information related to Provider Outreach and Education functions, and other valuable information to make your job easier.

Web based training (WBTs) are interactive training modules that allow you to self-test on topics relevant to Medicare coverage and billing. Some WBTs have been created in conjunction with other education materials and are to be used as an additional training resource, while others are stand-alone training packages created to provide information on a subject with a follow-up knowledge check.

Webcast Library allows you to easily find and participate in live and encore webcasts, search and browse the library for events and take advantage of single-sign-on for these events!


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