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eTicket Enables Providers to Save Time with Every Call 01/21/2021
If You've Contacted Us Recently, We Would Love to Hear About Your Experience! 01/20/2021
2021 Provider Contact Center Training and Holiday Closure Schedule 01/19/2021
ePass is Available to Ease the Burden of Repeated Authentication When Calling Palmetto GBA's Provider Contact Center 01/11/2021
January 2021 Quarterly Release Temporary Hold 12/29/2020
January 2021 Release Dark Days for the Common Working File (CWF) Hosts 12/29/2020
Entering Beneficiary Information: eServices Eligibility Inquiry vs. Claim Submission 11/25/2020
Alpha-Numeric HCPCS Open in New Window11/21/2020
Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccinations in the Home Health or Hospice Setting 11/18/2020
Provider Payments During the Holidays 11/18/2020
How To Recognize an SMRC Audit 11/10/2020
Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Lookup Tool 09/21/2020
Medicare Advantage Plan Directory (CMS website) 08/14/2020
Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest Medicare Audit and Reimbursement Information 08/10/2020
Ways to Connect to Palmetto GBA 07/17/2020
Palmetto GBA Suspends In-Person Events 06/25/2020
Home Health Plans of Care: NPs, CNSs and PAs Allowed to Certify 06/16/2020
Unsolicited Fax or Email Inquiry 05/27/2020
Internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES) Known Issues 05/13/2020
Provider Compliance Tips for Nebulizers and Related Drugs Fact Sheet - Revised 04/10/2020
Periodic Interim Payments (PIP) and Pass-Through Payment One-Day Delay 04/09/2020
Save Time with eTicket Open in New Window04/09/2020
Looking for Medicare Coverage Information? 03/24/2020
Top Time-Saving Tools for Palmetto GBA Providers 03/24/2020
MBI on a Patient's Card Doesn't Work? 03/17/2020
How to Use the Medicare Coverage Database Open in New Window02/18/2020
Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Required Starting January 1, 2020 02/06/2020
Important Tax Information - 1099 Forms 01/24/2020
Submit Medical Record Documentation via esMD 01/15/2020
January 2020 Quarterly Release Temporary Hold 01/03/2020
Livanta's Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for Healthcare Providers 11/26/2019
Bankruptcy 10/08/2019
Fraud Alert: Genetic Testing Scam Open in New Window09/27/2019
Discontinuation of Common Working File (CWF) Eligibility Access for New Direct Data Entry (DDE) ID Requests 08/09/2019
Home Health Referrals 05/23/2019
Reading An Institutional Remittance Advice (RA) Open in New Window02/08/2019
Advance Directives and the Home Health Plan of Care 01/11/2019
Why isn't Mary Receiving the Home Health Care Her Physician Ordered? 11/13/2018
Provider Responsibility 09/27/2018
Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program Suppliers: Separate Medicare Enrollment 08/06/2018
New Requirements Added for Changing and Resetting Passwords in Direct Data Entry (DDE) 05/21/2018
CMS Open Payments Data Website 02/13/2018
Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) Can Be Confusing 01/12/2018
CMS Provider Minute Videos for Part A and Part B Providers and DMEPOS Suppliers 01/12/2018
Credit Balance Reports: Submission Tips Meeting CMS Standards 01/12/2018
Did You Know Putting Condition Code D9 on Your Claim Will Cause it to Suspend? 01/12/2018
How often does CMS update the Medicare Revalidation List due date information? 01/12/2018
Identify a Provider 01/12/2018
Important Credit Balance (CMS-838) Report Information 01/12/2018
Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans Adherence to Local and National Coverage Determination Inquiries 01/12/2018
Please Do Not Email Protected Health Information (PHI) 01/12/2018
Provider Self Service Applications 01/12/2018
Request for Accelerated Payment Instruction 01/12/2018
Patient Discharge Status and Patient Overlap Status 08/01/2017

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