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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) established the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) program to monitor and report the accuracy of Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) payments. The CERT program measures the error rate for claims submitted to Medicare contractors. Palmetto GBA uses CERT reports to identify areas of focus for our Provider Outreach & Education efforts. One of the major outcomes of these CERT reports is the paid claims error rate (percentage of dollars paid incorrectly).

From this Web page, you may view CERT error rates by code group and provider type (specialty), articles about specific areas of concern as a result of CERT review findings and newsletters from the CERT Documentation Contractor or CERT DC. For more information about CERT:

Latest Articles

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Denials for Incorrect Billing of “Attending/Other” Physician Names and NPIs 08/29/2019
Home Health Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Information 04/09/2019
Hospice Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Information 04/09/2019
Alabama Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Arkansas Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Florida Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Georgia Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Illinois Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Indiana Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Kentucky Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Louisiana Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Mississippi Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
New Mexico Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
North Carolina Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Ohio Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Oklahoma Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
South Carolina Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Tennessee Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Texas Hospice CERT Data 04/08/2019
Alabama Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Arkansas Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Florida Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Georgia Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Illinois Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Indiana Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Kentucky Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Louisiana Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Mississippi Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
New Mexico Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
North Carolina Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Ohio Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Oklahoma Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
South Carolina Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Tennessee Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Texas Home Health CERT Information 04/05/2019
Provider Minute: Physician Orders/Intent to Order Laboratory Services and Other Diagnostic Services Open in New Window08/09/2018
Provider Minute: The Importance of Proper Documentation Video Open in New Window06/14/2018
Appeal Errors Identified by the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Program! 05/22/2018
What is a Comparative Billing Report? 04/16/2018
Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Error: Medical Necessity Not Met for Hospice Providers 04/13/2018
Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Question and Answer Fact Sheet 02/12/2018
Face to Face Documentation for Home Health Certification: Important Information for Certifying Physicians and Non-physician Practitioners (NPPs) 02/05/2018
Medicare Claim Review Programs Open in New Window02/05/2018
Complying with Medicare Signature Requirements Open in New Window02/02/2018
CERT Documentation Request Listings 01/11/2018
CERT Error: Incorrect Coding 01/11/2018
CERT Error: Insufficient Documentation 01/11/2018
CERT Provider Sample Letters Open in New Window01/11/2018
Entries in Medical Records: Amendments, Corrections and Addenda 01/11/2018
Medicare Providers: What You Need to Know About Signatures & Documentation 01/11/2018
Physicians! Are You Ordering Oxygen For Your Patient? 01/11/2018
Verify Your CERT Contact Information 01/11/2018
CERT Error: Medical Necessity Not Met for Home Health Providers 01/07/2014

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