Audit and Reimbursement

Medicare Audit and Reimbursement is divided between three distinct areas: Reimbursement, Audit and Cost Reports. The primary functions of the Medicare Audit and Reimbursement Unit is:

  • Assure final payments to providers are in accordance with Medicare laws, regulations, and instructions
  • Verify financial and statistical information contained in the Medicare cost report
  • Arrive at a correct program reimbursement. In so doing, preserve the provider's interests and rights but at the same time apply program policies to specific situations to ensure compliance with these policies.

Audit and Reimbursement Contact Information:

For reopening requests and related documentation -

For appeal requests and related documentation -

For wage index and occupational mix documentation -

For interim rate review, provider based determinations and other reimbursement documentation -

For cost report filing documentation or questions -

For PS&R requests –

Providers can also contact the Provider Contact Center (PCC) at 877-567-7271

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