COVID-19 Accelerated Payment Hotline FAQs

** Update**
Beginning on April 26, 2020, CMS will not be accepting any new applications for the Advance Payment Program (Part B providers), and CMS will be reevaluating all pending and new applications for Accelerated Payments (Part A providers) in light of historical direct payments made available through HHS’s Provider Relief Fund. Significant additional funding will continue to be available to hospitals and other healthcare providers through other programs.

For more information on the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund and how to apply, visit

View the CMS Fact Sheet (PDF, 145 KB): Expansion of the Accelerated and Advance Payments Program for Providers and Suppliers During COVID-19 Emergency

1. Question: Can I repay in a lump sum later?

Answer: For Part A PIP Hospitals, no immediate repayment is required. The payment will be settled with the cost report. For all other providers, repayment will begin 120 days after the issuance of the accelerated/advance payment. Providers can submit repayment at any time. Please indicate “COVID-19 Accelerated/Advance Payment Repayment” on the check or in the documentation submitted with the check.

2. Question: What is the repayment plan?

Answer: For Part A PIP Hospitals, no immediate repayment is required. The payment will be settled with the cost report. For all other providers, repayment will begin 120 days after the issuance of the accelerated/advance payment. After 120 days, the accelerated/advance payment amount will be subject to recoupment.

3. Question: Do I complete the form for every provider in our practice?

Answer: Forms only need to be completed for each billing PTAN/NPI combination. Rendering physician PTAN/NPI requests are not needed.

Note: To submit one request for multiple PTAN/NPI combinations in your practice, you may submit a spreadsheet.

4. Question: Who has to sign the form?

Answer: Signature should be someone with the authority to make financial decisions for your provider. Examples include a CFO, administrator, office manager, etc.

5. Question: If I get paid with B of A funds do I submit a Part B form?

Answer: If you are paid with Part B of A funds, please submit the Part A form. Please be sure to include your provider number and NPI.

6. Question: I do not have my PTAN and NPI. Can you still answer questions about the accelerated payment?

Answer: Accelerated/Advance payments require a PTAN and NPI in order to review provider-level validations and prior billing history. If you have specific questions regarding your provider’s situation, please email , or with your questions.

7. Question: How many months will we be able to ask for help?

Answer: CMS' payment provision at this time is for a three-month or six-month operating period, depending upon your provider type.

Note: Hospital sub-units are eligible for payment for a three-month operating period. Only Inpatient acute care hospitals, children's hospitals, certain cancer care hospitals, and critical access hospitals are eligible for payment for a six-month operating period at this time.

8. Question: Will we have to complete this form for every month going forward until this is over?

Answer: No. The payment will be for a three-month or six-month operating period, depending upon your provider type. Should the financial need extend beyond this timeframe, additional direction will be provided by CMS.

9. Question: What is the basis of the accelerated payment amount?

Answer: Accelerated payment amount is based on the provider’s Medicare reimbursement history and is not calculated based on other payor revenues. The remittance will display either a manual payment or lump sum payment.

10. Question: Will Medicare add interest to the recoupment for the advanced payments?

Answer: Interest will not accrue until the uncollected accelerated payment balance has been demanded. Demands will not be issued for the uncollected amounts until day 210 (120 + 90 days of recoupment w/o interest) for Part A and Part B providers or day 365 (120 + 245 days of recoupment w/o interest) for providers who fall under the CARE Act. Only after the demand letter has been issued will interest accruals begin.

11. Question: Why was the accelerated payment amount received less than requested? (Revised April 28, 2020)

Answer: Accelerated payment amounts are calculated based on the provider’s three- or six-month reimbursement history (October 2019 through December 2019, or July 2019 through December 2019). The claim reimbursement history is utilizing dates when claims were fully adjudicated and were in an approved-to-pay location. For Part A providers, this calculation will vary from the PS&R claims date of service (DOS) and Paid Date calculations.


  • Part B providers billing on CMS 1500 or electronic equivalent — October 2019 through December 2019. *Note: Beginning on April 26, 2020, CMS will not be accepting any new applications for the Advance Payment Program.
  • Inpatient acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, children’s hospitals and certain cancer hospitals — July 2019 through December 2019

12. Question: I received my accelerated payment but the amount issued was less than the amount I was approved for and listed in my email notification. (Added April 21, 2020) 

Answer: At the time your accelerated/advance payment is issued, any overpayment amount that has been requested and has been set to offset from future payments will be deducted from your accelerated/advance payment amount. Please refer to the offset/withholding activity listed on your accelerated/advance payment remittance advice for details regarding any offset amount.

13. Question: I received email notification that my request for the Medicare accelerated/advance payment was not approved. How do I determine the reason my request was not honored? (added April 21, 2020, Revised April 28, 2020)

Answer: An accelerated/advance payment request must be denied when the Palmetto GBA verification process determined the provider did not meet one or more of the accelerated/advance payment program requirements.

Verifications are completed at a national provider identifier (NPI) and provider transaction number (PTAN) level. A provider may also be denied an accelerated/advance payment if the provider/supplier shares an NPI and PTAN with a provider/supplier that does not meet the following criteria.

  • The provider/supplier must have submitted claims during the 180 days prior to the effects of COVID-19
  • The provider/supplier may not be under a fraud investigation, revoked, terminated or appears on the OIG exclusion list
  • The provider/supplier may not be in active bankruptcy status (not settled), has plans to file bankruptcy or has hired a bankruptcy lawyer
  • The provider/supplier may not have delinquent Medicare debts that have not been paid for over 120 days

If your accelerated/advance payment request is denied, you should carefully review the list above and reach out to your provider’s or supplier’s finance and/or compliance departments regarding your provider’s status of all required criteria. Medicare Administrative Contractors may not confirm or deny any information regarding fraud investigations.

*Note: An Advanced Payment is not available to Part B providers submitting requests received on or after April 26, 2020.

14. Question: How do I repay an Accelerated/Advance Payment? (Added April 21, 2020)

Answer: Palmetto GBA offers several options to repay Accelerated/Advance Payments. We highly recommend using eServices, through the eCheck function. This option is secure, fast and easy. However, you may still submit a hardcopy form. You will need to access the hardcopy form on the Palmetto GBA website under Forms/Tools, then Finance/Overpayments.

To use eServices, and if you are a provider administrator, you may access the eCheck sub-tab under Financial Tools, entitled “Financial Forms.” If you are a provider user, you must be granted permission to the Financial Tools tab by your provider administrator. The form is dynamic and contains edits to ensure that the information needed to process the payment is entered.

The eCheck function allows payments to be sent electronically to Palmetto GBA. By using the eCheck option and selecting the option within the eCheck form indicating the payment is not associated with a demand letter, voluntary refunds can be submitted. There is no transaction fee for submitting an eCheck payment. In the form, please upload a document stating the payment is related to repaying of an Accelerated/Advance Payment.

For more information, please review the Financial Tools Section in the eServices User Manual (PDF, 8.09 MB).