Jurisdiction J (JJ) Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (POE-AG) Minutes: August 19, 2020

Jurisdiction J (JJ) Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (POE-AG) Minutes: August 13, 2020

Palmetto GBA welcomed all POE-AG Members

Carol Aiken Smith Family Clinic
Christy May Tennessee Orthopedic Clinic
Crystle Wright GI Cleveland Associates 
Debbi Hogg PCM
Erin King Simplify
Mindy Bryant First Texas Home Health
Kim-Marie Walker Northside Hospital
Philip Horn Medical Compliance Services
Patty Douglas Tennessee Oncology
Peggy Palmer TPC
Peter Deversa Erlander
Stephanie Smith

Southern Wellness

Terri Loew Georgia Cancer Specialist

Palmetto GBA Associates
Swandra Miller


Our goals are to:

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with Palmetto GBA staff and the provider community
  • Meet with Palmetto GBA and the provider community on a quarterly basis
  • Provide the communication tools to facilitate thorough and prompt transfer of information to and from each representative
  • Coordinate the issues within the provider community to adequately reflect the concerns of the majority

It is Palmetto GBA’s intent to:

  • Promote an atmosphere that facilitates an exchange of ideas and information to service the best interests of Medicare providers and Palmetto GBA’s Medicare program administration
  • Provide educational forums that address various global provider concerns
  • Allow the provider community an opportunity to communicate with Palmetto GBA’s staff on any areas that may need additional education activities
  • Assist in making the Medicare program more understandable for providers
  • Enhance providers’ understanding of the role and responsibilities of Palmetto GBA as their A/B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)

Old Business


  • We continue to post the most recent information from CMS to our website to include the frequently asked questions (FAQ). CMS also posts updated information to their website. Their FAQ were last updated on August 7, 2020. Providers were encouraged to review the updated FAQ if they had not already done so.

Special Agenda Topics

Palmetto GBA Website

  • We will be deploying a new website design in the next couple of months. The providers were thanked for the feedback that they provided earlier this year and we went over some of the benefits and enhancements regarding the new websites:
    • Uniform look to the JJ and JM websites
    • Fully ADA 508 compliant
    • Easier registration for listserv, email updates, newsletter messages
    • Easy- to-understand navigation
    • Easier-to-identify where you are on the website
    • Promote links within navigation from “Topics and Tools”
    • Tools are separated by type from the top navigation
    • All forms display from the top navigation bar and providers will still has access to the “Form Finder”
    • Less intrusive critical alerts, banners and news items
    • Less intrusive License and Notice popups, which are required per our copyright agreement with the AMA, CDT and AHA
    • Added an “Important Update” section to the home pages
    • Integrated chat system
    • Enhanced search system that focuses on accuracy rather than quantity
    • Smartphone friendly

Social Media

  • Members were encouraged to promote and follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  • Explained that we are ramping up education and notifications via social media and that joining these platforms will put more information at their fingertips


  • MACtoberfest will be held October 20–21
  • Will be virtually as we have suspended travel for the remainder of the year
  • Members were asked to submit topics that they would like covered during our virtual MACtoberfest

Agenda Items Submitted by Members

Proposed Rule Updates

  • Providers wanted to know when Palmetto GBA would provide updates on the proposed rule
  • Informed the providers that we are working to have this session as one of the available options during MACtoberfest

Calendar of Events

  • Scheduled Events
    • Outpatient Department Prior Authorization Teleconference
      • Today at 2 p.m. ET
    • Final Ask the Contractor (ACT)
      • November 10, 2020, at 11 a.m. ET
      • Asked the group for topic suggestions for the last call for the year
  • CMS Education Events
    • Dr Todd Graham Pain Management Study Listening Session
      • Target Audience: clinicians and state and national associations that represent health care providers
      • August 27, 2020, at 1:30 p.m. ET

Announcement of Next Meeting Date: November 18, 2020.