Changes to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Unit

Palmetto GBA is please to announce that on January, 24, 2011, a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Unit will be available with the implementation of Home Health and Hospice (HHH) segment of the Jurisdiction 11 HHH Medicare Administrative Contract (MAC). The chart below provides basic information about the differences between the current IVR and the New IVR. The IVR telephone number is (866) 801-5301.

 Current IVR New IVR
Initial Access Information Required Required provider is prompted to enter their NPI, PTAN and Tax ID before being given the options. None
Accessing the Options  The provider is prompted to press the desired option number. Providers have two options to access the IVR. Select option 1 for Speech Application or 2 for touchtone. The provider is then prompted to select the desired option.
Press 0 (zero) The provider is prompted to press 0 (zero) at anytime during the message to talk with a live customer service representative (CSR).  This option is not available. To speak with a live CSR, call (866) 830-3925.

IVR Options

10 primary options available  5 primary options available


Claims Information Claims Information


Payment Information Eligibility Information


Duplicate Remittance Advice Last Three Checks Issued


Beneficiary Eligibility General Information about Medicare


New Legislation Reserved for Future Use


All Other Inquiries  N/A


Provider Education Requests N/A


Remit Code Decision N/A


Home Health and Hospice Provider Phone Number N/A


Return to Main Menu N/A

Note: A guide to using the IVR and a one-page outline will be posted to the Web site at a later date. Please continue to monitor our e-mail updates (listservs) to ensure you receive all up-to-date information.

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